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These five design steps, along with the database system illustrated by the examples in this book, teach a great deal about Access and provide a great foundation for creating database applications including tables, queries, forms, reports, macros, and simple VBA modules. The time you spend on each step depends entirely on the circumstances of the database you re building. For example, sometimes users give you an example of a report they want printed from their Access database, and the sources of data on the report are so obvious that designing the report takes a few minutes. Other times, particularly when the users requirements are complex, or the business processes supported by the application require a great deal of research, you may spend many days on Step 1. As you read through each step of the design process, always look at the design in terms of outputs and inputs. Although you see actual components of the system (products, customers, and transactions), remember that the focus of this chapter is how to move through each step. As you watch the Collectible Mini Cars database being designed, pay particular attention to the design process, not the actual system.
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Table 28-1: Popular Antivirus Software Web Sites
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Figure 23-15 shows the rendered net.
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Selecting all icons in a folder
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The Key Stats toolbar includes Key Time and Value Display fields that display the current time and value. You can enter values in these fields to change the value for the current time. You can also enter an expression in these fields in which the variable n equals the key time or value. For example, to specify a key value that is 20 frames from the current frame, enter n + 20 (where you supply the current value in place of n). You can also include any function valid for the Expression controller, such as sin( ) or log( ). Click the Show Selected Key Stats button to display the key value in the Key pane.
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The importance of indexes
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Figure 36-9: The Create Multiple Footsteps dialog box lets you specify details such as Stride Length.
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