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Figure 52-7: About to partition a new disk drive 5. The next wizard page asks you to assign a drive letter to the drive. It suggest the next available drive letter, which is a good choice. Click Next>. 6. The next wizard page, shown in Figure 52-8, asks how you want to format and label the disk. Your options are as follows: Do not format this partition: If you choose this option, you ll have to format the partition later. I suggest that you not choose this option. File system: Your choices here are NTFS or FAT32. In Windows XP, NTFS is the only way to go.
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Risotto alla Parmigiana (p. 626) 8. Steamed, buttered spinach 9. Carrots, small dice, cooked, hot Zucchini, small dice, cooked, hot 10. 11. Per serving: 12. Calories, 510; Protein, 38 g; Fat, 24 g (42% cal.); Cholesterol, 105 mg;
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Pretax Income
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SAP R/3 Integrated Activity-Based Costing
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An alternative to solving Eq. (3.2) is to separately consider normalization Eq. (3.3) as an additional step in numerical computations. We demonstrate both ways when example studies are presented. It is worthwhile pointing out that for any given ergodic CTMC, a DTMC can be constructed that yields an identical steady-state probability vector as the CTMC, and vice versa. Given the generator matrix Q = [qij] of a CTMC, we can define:
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104 Index Funds
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