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Per serving: Calories, 370; Protein, 20 g; Fat, 29 g (71% cal.); Cholesterol, 130 mg; Carbohydrates, 7 g; Fiber, 0 g; Sodium, 370 mg.
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The LS-NAPT router can translate to one of multiple internal servers, or redirect the transaction to an outside server. That sort of function will be seen frequently in Web caches. The additional complexity of LS-NAPT does allow greater scalability, because new links can be dropped into the routing system without problem. As long as new client links can get to the virtual server address, the addition of these links is transparent to both servers and clients. In like manner, the internal servers can have multiple paths to the LS-NAPT device (Table 5.8). LS-NAT, in contrast, requires either that the internal real servers send to the default route, or have routing awareness that tells them the best router for reaching the originating real client address. Multihoming is still complex for both LS-NAT and LS-NAPT. The NAT device remains a single point of failure for individual sessions, as long as multiple NAT devices cannot share information on the state of their current sessions.
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Adding Ribbon Controls
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The Soften Gizmo Edges value feathers the fog effect at each edge. This value can range from 0 to 1. Many of the settings for Volume Fog are the same as those for the Fog effect, but Volume Fog has several settings that are unique to it. These settings help set the patchy nature of Volume Fog. Step Size determines how small the patches of fog are. The Max Steps value limits the sampling of these small steps to keep the render time in check.
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See 18 for more information on Windows Mail. If you don t use Windows Mail, and don t know how to attach files or save attachments, check the Help page for your e-mail service or contact your ISP.
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If the customer operates multiple VPNs at a physical site these appear to be multiple virtual sites. CE may be managed by the enterprise or by the service provider. Most commonly, the CE is a non-BGP-speaking router that points the default route at one or more PE. According to RFC 2547, CEs do not have awareness of all routes in their VPN; that knowledge is on the set of PE that supports their VPM. PE routers are aware of VPNs and map them to LSPs. A given PE has knowledge of only those VPNs that are connected to it. Cisco has a feature called outbound filtering, which is rather like multicast join/leave: It allows a given PE to indicate it has no interest in a particular VPN. On each PE is a virtual routing/forwarding instance (VRF), which is an expanded routing table consisting of an IP RIB, a set of interfaces, a set of import and export policies, and possibly an associated FIB. The VRF is conceptual and may be part of the main RIB of the physical PE router. Why have a VRF Its purpose is to have the necessary and sufficient number of routes to provide mutual reachability of sites in the same
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Mastering Access event programming Reviewing common events Understanding event sequences
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The FFD (Box) and FFD (Cyl) Space Warps show up as a lattice of control points in the shape of a box and a cylinder; you can select and move the control points that make up the Space
39 Watching DVD, Video, and More
of Jimbo s store chain, Just Broccoli What if it also cost Jimbo $400,000 to open a new store But what if each of those stores earned only $10,000 last year Earning $10,000 a year from a store that costs you $400,000 to build works out to a one-year return of only 2.5 percent, or a 2.5 percent return on capital. So here s the tough question: Which business sounds better Jason s Gum Shops, a business where each store earned $200,000 last year and cost $400,000 to build, or Just Broccoli, a business where each store earned $10,000 last year but also cost $400,000 to build In other words, which sounds better a business that earns a 50 percent return on capital or one that earns a 2.5 percent return on capital Of course, the answer is obvious and that s the second point! You would rather own a business that earns a high return on capital than one that earns a low return on capital! Wax off (or paint the fence or sand something or whatever)!* But here comes the big finish. Remember how I told you this chapter was going to be hard to believe That by using just two simple tools you could actually become a stock market master Well, believe it. You are a stock market master.
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