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Yield: about 1 pt 4 oz (600 mL)
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Using Vista Programs and Accessories
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The most critical step in setting up a wireless network is installing the hardware devices. It s imperative that you follow the instructions that came with the device to a tee, as guessing almost never works. In particular, it s important to note that even devices that plug into a hotpluggable port like USB devices or a PC Card need you to install drives before you install the hardware device. That s unusual for hot-pluggable devices, and most people just assume that they can plug in the device and go. But it just doesn t work that way with wireless networking devices.
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That s right. On Wall Street, money won t magically appear under your pillow. There s no one to tuck you in, no one to take care of you, and no one you can turn to for good advice. Once you ve left the warmth and comfort of your own home, the plain fact is, you re on your own. To see why this is necessarily so, we re going to take our own little walk down Wall Street. But before we set out, let s make a few assumptions. First, you have some money that you would like to invest over the long term. (Long term, in this case, means that you will not need this money to cover your normal expenses for at least the next three to five years and, hopefully, longer.)* Second, you would like to earn as much as possible from your investments, but you are unwilling to take unreasonable risks. Finally, you ve heard (and this is generally true) that the stock market offers the best possibility for high investment returns over time, and this is where you would like to put most of your money. So, fine, where do we start Well, one typical stop is our friendly neighborhood stockbroker. This is an investment professional whose job is to hold your hand and help you invest your money. Your
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Another way to think about this type of differentiation is that it involves being HOT. Your brand is the brand that everybody at least everybody you consider your target customer thinks is cool, or depending upon your generation, rad, spiffy, and awesome, or with it, far out, and groovy. 27 (Note: We will have more to say about this type of differentiation in our chapter on buzz. )
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The external arrival process can be any renewal process with arrival time 1/X and coefficient of variation CA. The service times at node i can have any distribution time l/pi and coefficient of variation cgi.
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The indirect activity allocation (IAA) cycle allocates the process output quantities along with the value amount. Recall from 5 that the IAA can have a sender rule for a fixed quantity, the posted quantity, or inversely calculated. The IAA provides the most benefit when one quantity inversely determines the process output quantity, since it reduces the need to track a measure and to support quantity splitting. The IAA is a hybrid of the assessment and direct activity allocation methods of allocation. The IAA allocates similar to the assessment cycle, providing the same basis for allocations and posted at period end. However, the allocation is quantity based, like the direct activity allocation, and therefore the process has a secondary cost element, unit of measure, and a rate associated with it. Exhibit 6.4 illustrates the same assessment example utilizing the IAA cycle. In this example, since the quantities by receiver are not known, the percentages are used to split the quantities between receivers. If the quantities by receiver are known, the DAA is utilized. Since this example uses the same percentage allocation method as used in the assessment example, the only difference here in the results is that the IAA posts a quantity as well. A quantity provides useful information if internal service agreements are based on transaction volumes. Also, since the IAA cycle is intended for stable receivers, like the assessment and distribution cycles, an internal order is generally not a receiver.
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