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Know the purpose of a T class, what types of member data it may and may not own, and that it must never have a destructor Know what types of function a T class may have Understand that a T class may be created on the heap or stack Understand that a T class may be used as an alternative to the traditional C/C++ struct Know that the T pre x is also used to de ne an enum.
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Tip To view the contents of your My Computer folders grouped and with heading, as in Figure 14-1, choose View Tiles from My Computer s menu bar. Then choose View Arrange Icons by Type. If you still don t see headings, choose View Arrange Icons By Show in Groups.
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Most weight-loss attempts fail because of poor planning. If your refrigerator and pantry lack a variety of healthful, lowcalorie foods, you'll grab whatever is handy when you get hungry. If you buy chips, candy, ice cream, and other fattening treats when you shop, that's what you'll eat when your blood sugar dips and makes you hungry. So if you shop a little smarter, you'll naturally eat the good stuff when you arrive home as hungry as a bear.
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System, localization and binary compatibility represent non-functional tests in the ISEB world, where interoperability generally relates to integration testing. System testing concentrates on overall platform performance, power management, memory, stress, volume and speed. Localization testing focuses on nding possible problems in localization builds, because localizing a build to different languages very often causes unpredictable changes. An average 35 per cent of the totally new
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The error in Figure 23.2 occurs because the procedure declares and creates a string variable and a numeric variable and then tries to assign the numeric variable the value of the text string. The type mismatch occurs because you can t assign nonnumeric characters to a numeric variable. The error message in Figure 23.2 reports Runtime error 13 , which happens to be a type mismatch. Unless you know the cause of this problem, how does this message help you Without a great deal of experience, how does the user know how to fix this type of problem In fact, how do you determine what caused the problem Clearly, this message box is not much help to a user who has entered character data into a text box that should be filled with a numeric value. Notice the Debug button in Figure 23.2. The Debug button stops the program, opens the VBA code editor, and places a breakpoint on the offending statement (see 14 for more on breakpoints). The program is in a state of limbo. All the values of temporary variables are intact, and you can view them to help you solve the error. The End button causes the program to stop running, and the user can t use any tools to check the problem. The error dialog box shown in Figure 23.2 appears for untrapped errors. This type of message can be good for development because problems can be traced to the specific line of code that caused the error. When you click the Debug button, the VBA window opens and highlights the guilty line of code. But this isn t the kind of interaction you generally want between your application s code and end users. For this reason, having an error handler in the VBA code and making the problem a handled error is much better. You may be able to prevent the user from seeing a problem by automatically taking corrective action as part of an error handler.
[626] C Prins, Biometric Technology Law, in The Computer Law and Security Report, v 14 no 3 (May/Jun 1998), pp 159 165. [627] D Pritchard, The Radar War Germany s Pioneering Achievement 1904 1945, Wellingborough (1989), ISBN 1-85260-246-5. [628] The Privacy Exchange, [629] Public Lending Right (PLR), at
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theory of quantum mechanics, which was one of the signature scienti c advancements of the twentieth century. In layman s terms, a quantum leap is any radical improvement from an initial condition to a new and better condition, without any intermediate steps. In this book, I am going to talk about two quantum leaps that occur when IT is properly understood and properly managed. The rst such quantum leap, which I call the Developer Leap, describes the radical improvement in the productivity of individual programmers and programmer teams when they build software the proper way. The second quantum leap, which I call the Enterprise Leap, describes a radical improvement in the productivity of the entire enterprise that can arise, with proper executive action, after the rst leap has occurred. The point of this book, in a nutshell, is to explain what C-level executives need to know to take advantage of this tremendous opportunity.
Urban Myth: Never Hide Filename Extensions
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