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China s Legal Framework
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Per 1 ounce: Calories, 70; Protein, 5 g; Fat, 5 g (69% cal.); Cholesterol, 20 mg; Carbohydrates, 0 g; Fiber, 0 g; Sodium, 190 mg.
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Ancient ovens were made of heavy masonry, brick, or clay and heated by building a wood fire inside them. In this type of oven, the brick absorbs the intense heat of the re and cooks foods long after the re has gone out and the ashes removed.Items such as breads and pizzas are baked directly on the oor of the oven,just as in modern deck ovens.Wood-burning ovens have once again come into fairly wide use, mostly in specialty restaurants that feature roasted meats,pizzas,and similar items.The foods absorb some of the appealing wood-smoke avors and aromas. Because a traditional wood-burning oven lacks a temperature control knob, some experience is needed to produce consistent quality baked foods. During the ring of the oven, a wood fire is built directly on the hearth inside the oven.The flue and the door are kept open to allow the smoke to escape.After the fire is stopped, the ashes and embers are swept out.The door and ue are closed to allow the heat to equalize inside the dome of the oven. Initial temperatures inside the oven at this point may be as high as 850 F (450 C). Pizza can be baked at this temperature. For meats and breads, the oven is left to stand until the temperature gradually drops to the desired range.Alternatively, a re can be kept going in the back of the oven while foods are roasted to-
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TIP In the Swap Image dialog box, check Preload Images to ensure that all your rollover images are loaded when the page is loaded into the browser. This reduces or completely eliminates the amount of time a user waits for the images to download. Check Restore Images onMouseOut to return your rollover image to its original state when the mouse is moved away from the trigger image.
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Table 35-1: Some Newsgroup Main Categories, Descriptions, and Names
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Projecting Traffic from LAN Observations
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The Light Tracer works by dividing the scene into sample points. These sample points are more heavily concentrated along the edges of objects in the scene. An imaginary light ray is then shot at each sample point, and the light intensity at the location of contact is recorded; then it is computed where the light ray would bounce to, and a reduced intensity value is recorded. One of the settings is how many times the light rays will bounce within the scene, and this value increases the amount of time required to compute the solution. When all the rays and light bounces have been computed, the total light intensity value for each sample point is totaled and averaged.
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P22 = 0.2; p23 = 0.5; p32 = 0.2;
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Lentil and Leek Terrine with Smoked Turkey and Prosciutto
Organization operations
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