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Figure 15-15: Enabling the Open option in the Chamfer settings dialog box removes a polygon instead of replacing it.
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165 F (74 C). Rotate or stir the food midway through cooking process, cover to retain moisture, and let stand covered for two minutes following cooking to allow post-cooking heat to rise. Any of the following combinations of time and temperature: 130 F (54 C) for 112 minutes 131 F (56 C) for 89 minutes 133 F (57 C) for 56 minutes 135 F (57 C) for 36 minutes 136 F (58 C) for 28 minutes 138 F (59 C) for 18 minutes 140 F (60 C) for 12 minutes 142 F (61 C) for 8 minutes 144 F (62 C) for 5 minutes 145 F (63 C) for 4 minutes
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The next simple tutorial before the Rascoon in complete is to add materials that complete the coloring of the Rascoon s nose, eyes, and feet. For this, we use the Multi/Sub-Object material as shown in Figure QS-4. To add materials to the Rascoon s features, follow these steps: 1. Select the Rendering Material Editor menu command (or press the M key) to open the Material Editor. Click the Standard material button, select the Multi/Sub-Object material from the Material/Map Browser, and click the OK button. Select to Replace the old material, and click OK. 2. In the Multi/Sub-Object Basic Parameters rollout, click the Set Number button and set the number to 4. Then click the first Sub-Material. 3. Change the Diffuse color to white, and increase the Specular Level to 90 with a Glossiness value of 10. Then set the Material ID Channel to 1. Click the Go Forward to Sibling button to access the second sub-material. 4. Change the Diffuse color to black, set the Specular Level to 94, the Glossiness value to 70, and the Material ID Channel to 2. Then click the Go Forward to Sibling button again to access the third sub-material. 5. Change the Diffuse color to black, the Specular Level to 76, the Glossiness value to 20, and the Material ID Channel to 3. Then click the Go Forward to Sibling button again to access the third sub-material. 6. Change the Diffuse color to light brown and the Material ID Channel to 4. Click the Go to Parent button, and drag the material from its sample slot onto the Rascoon character. Then close the Material Editor. 7. Select the Polygons subobject mode, select all the character polygons, and set the Material ID to 4 in the Polygon Properties rollout. Then select the polygons that make up the eyes, and set the Material ID to 1. Select the front feet, and set the Material ID to 2. Finally, select the nose, and set the Material ID to 3. 8. In the Soft Selection rollout, disable Soft Selection. Choose the Circular Selection Region from the flyout under the Rectangular Selection Region button on the main toolbar. In Polygon subobject mode, select a group of polygons in the center of each eyeball, and set the Material ID to 3. Adding materials helps to define the various character parts. This tutorial is saved on the DVD as Rascoon with materials.max.
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4. Arrange the lettuce leaves as underliners on cold salad plates. 5. Using a No. 12 scoop, place a mound of coleslaw in the center of each plate. 6. Hold for service in refrigerator.
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Resolve Customer Complaints
Truth #34: Engage in Simple Pleasures That Impact Your Attitude
For example, the message in Figure 18.31 has been marked as a potential phishing scam due to the link that reads Click here to active your account. An obvious grammatical error like this is usually a pretty good indication of a scam in itself. Legitimate companies tend to be more careful about such things. But that s not the reason why Windows Mail marked it as a phishing scam. FIGURE 18.31
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