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Young people typically initiate alcohol use while at school and their drinking is the cause of major social and public health problems. As a consequence, there is obvious appeal to schoolbased alcohol education. However, to date, success has been limited. School alcohol education dates from the late nineteenth century, but drug education as a whole expanded considerably during the 1950s and 1960s. Programmes of that era emphasized abstinence and drew on behaviour theory as the basis for their change strategies. Socalled scare tactics paired fear arousal with use, in an attempt to establish negative attitudes to alcohol and other drugs. Another approach involved providing factual information on the negative consequences of use. Evaluations of these programmes indicated that they were largely ineffective in changing behaviour. This spurred two developments during the 1970s, affective programmes and abuse prevention. The former sought to reduce alcohol and other drug use by enhancing personal development, but again research evidence indicated little impact. The latter sought to prevent the problematic consequences associated with use and could be considered harm reduction. In America, of cial support for abuse prevention was short-lived and abstinence-focused programmes resurfaced during the 1980s. However, this time interventions drew on social in uence approaches, which sought to boost resistance to use through social skills training. Harm-reduction education tended to be adopted more in Europe and Australasia. Here there is greater acceptance of the logic of using such an approach with alcohol, because the drug is legally available and use by young people is prevalent.
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The registry hive supporting files are not standard documents, but rather system files that store data in machine-readable (not human-readable) form. Many supporting files don t even have filename extensions. Then, don t need extensions because it wouldn t make sense to open such a file in a normal application program like Microsoft Word or Excel.
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Employees who work smarter are better employees. Wouldn t it be great if all of your employees worked at 100 percent of their potential, at least most of the time While no employee can possibly be 100-percent effective every moment of every working day (even robots need the occasional maintenance break), employees who are better trained and more knowledgeable about their jobs have the potential to do a much better job than employees who aren t. Employees who have achieved their development goals simply work smarter. Not only will your organization reap the benefits in greater employee efficiency and effectiveness (well worth the price of admission), but also you ll sleep better at night something any manager in any business can appreciate. Someone has to be prepared to step into your shoes. Although it may be hard to imagine right now, someday you may decide to retire, or you may be promoted and moved up the career ladder. Who is going to take your place when you re gone Developing employees is all about providing them with the skills they need to be able to step into your shoes in your absence. And, while you might not be retiring or getting promoted anytime soon, you might like to take a week or two off. Have you ever envied fellow managers who don t have to call their offices when they are on vacation They are able to unplug from their offices because they make a point of developing their employees so they are able to take over when the manager is gone. Guess what You can, too. Your employee wins, and so does your organization. Your employees win when you provide them with higher-level skills and new ways of viewing the world. And, at the same time, your organization wins because employees become more motivated and their work skills improve. The impact of every dollar spent on employee development is therefore magnified while employees are prepared to fill the roles in which your organization will need them to move in the future.
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Cash- ow statement
employees progress toward meeting their plans. 2. They demonstrate to your employees that their progress is important to you, and thus should be prioritized. Create performance improvement plans and put them to work with your employees. Reward your employees for achieving their plans, but beware of employees who improve under your watchful eye, but who
The enterprise connects to more than one ISP, and desires to protect against problems in the ISP routing system. It will accept additional complexity and router requirements to get this. The enterprise may also have differing service agreements for Internet access for different divisions. A generally accepted BGP technique has to be reconsidered in light of multihoming requirements. It has been a good general rule that only one AS should originate advertisements for prefixes. This rule assumes that any multihomed organization has its own address space and its own AS number. Multihomed, Primary/Backup, Single Link The enterprise connects to two or more ISPs from a single router, but has a strict policy that only one ISP at a time will be used for default. In an OSPF environment, this would be done by advertising defaults to both ISPs, but with different Type 2 external metrics. The primary ISP would have the lower metric (see Figure 7.29). BGP is not necessary in this case. Standard IS-IS could not do this because it strictly follows closest-exit routing. Extensions to IS-IS, which allow externals to be injected into level areas, will allow this. This easily can be extended to multilink (see Figure 7.30).
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