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Declare Function GetPrivateProfileStringA lib Kernel32 ( _ ByVal lpszSection As String, ByVal lpszKey As String, _ ByVal lpszDefault As String, _ ByVal dwReturnBuffer As Long, _ ByVal cchReturnBuffer As Long, _ ByVal lpszFile As String) As Long
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applications. As one illustration of this point, MATCH ndings have little bearing on the outcome of clients in moderation-orientated programmes since, although abstinence may have been urged with different degrees of emphasis in the three treatments, moderation was never an explicit goal of any of them. This particular limitation must be borne in mind when thinking about the implications of the ndings in countries like the UK, Australia and some others, where the moderation goal is offered to a sizeable minority of clients in treatment for alcohol problems. Finally, it should be emphasized that MATCH was a pragmatic trial aimed primarily at decision-making rather than theoretical advance. It was also aimed explicitly at discovering treatment client matches, not at evaluating the comparative effectiveness of different treatment modalities. For these reasons, the factors of treatment type and treatment intensity were deliberately confounded in the design. Thus, accepting for the moment that the results show MET to be as effective as the two more intensive treatments, we cannot be sure whether this was because of the speci cally motivational nature of MET or whether it would apply to BT, of roughly the same intensity as MET, in general. To decide this issue, another trial would be necessary which added to the MATCH design either an intensive form of MET or briefer forms of CBT and TSF. All we can conclude from the MATCH results is that, given the quali cations and reservations expressed above, a briefer treatment in the form of MET is as effective as more intensive treatments represented by CBT and TSF.
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P r o c e d u r e
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Part II: Programming Microsoft Access
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the transporting capacity of the system is reduced. Although associated with cancer, lymphoedema can be either primary or secondary. To date, no cause of primary lymphoedema has been identi ed (BLS, 2001). Secondary lymphoedema is primarily seen to be a consequence of cancer or cancer treatment but it may also be caused by low-grade infection or in ammation, trauma or lariasis (Board & Harlow, 2002a). Filariasis is a parasitic invasion of the lymph system, enabled by mosquitoes, and is estimated to affect more than 120 million people worldwide (WHO, 2001).
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What dietary strategy will allow me to live the longest, healthiest life
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