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in which a number of clocks vote in a way designed to make clock failures and network delays apparent. Even though these are designed to withstand random (rather than malicious) failure, they can often be hardened by having the messages digitally signed.
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Figure 8-7. Baseline impact on test planning.
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Part III Modeling
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and DermagraftTM, and they can be described as cultured human skin equivalent (HSE). Falanga et al. (1998) studied the effect of using a HSE (ApligrafTM) on patients with venous ulcers in a multicentre trial. A total of 240 patients were randomised to HSE and compression or compression therapy alone. They found a signi cantly faster healing rate in the HSE group. In those patients (n = 120) whose ulcer had been open for more than a year, HSE was signi cantly more effective in achieving healing. Falanga and Sabolinski (1999) investigated the results from this last group of patients in more detail. They found that 47% of those treated with HSE were healed by six months compared with 19% of controls. They suggest that HSE is particularly useful in the treatment of ulcers of long duration. Omar et al. (2004) undertook a pilot study using DermagraftTM for venous ulcers. Eighteen patients were randomised to either the HSE and compression or compression alone and followed up for 12 weeks. Five patients in the HSE group and one of the controls were healed at 12 weeks, but this did not achieve signi cance. However, there was a signi cant reduction in ulcer size and in the linear rate of healing in the HSE group. Brem et al. (2001) discussed the success of two centres in the use of HSE (ApligrafTM) for 33 patients with 54 venous ulcers that had been present for more than a year. They considered that their results were better than those reported in an earlier trial (Falanga et al., 1998; Falanga & Sabolinski, 1999) as they were able to achieve healing rates of 70% in six months. The authors suggest that this was due to improved wound bed preparation, particularly in the use of antiseptics to reduce wound exudate prior to commencement of HSE therapy. They also meshed the HSE prior to application to allow excessive exudate to escape. Schonfeld et al. (2001) undertook an economic analysis of the use of HSE (ApligrafTM) in hard-to-heal venous ulcers using a semi-Markov model. They calculated that as ulcers would heal faster using HSE compared with compression alone, the overall treatment costs were lower ($20 141 compared with $27 493 over a 12-month period). HSE has also been used to treat diabetic foot ulcers. Gentkow et al. (1996) carried out a randomised, controlled, single-blinded trial of 50 patients with diabetic foot ulcers. Patients were allocated to four groups: three different dosages of HSE (DermagraftTM) or a control group. They found that all three of the treatment regimens were signi cantly better than the control. Furthermore, after 14 months follow-up there were no recurrences in the HSE patients. The authors considered this fact to be signi cant, quoting recurrence rates from other studies of 19.6 46% in times less than 12 months. Hanft and Surprenant (2002) compared HSE (DermagraftTM) with moistened gauze in 28 patients with diabetic foot ulcers. They found that there was a signi cant difference in the healing rate in the HSE group by week 12 and in the overall rate of healing. A larger multicentre randomised study of 245 diabetic foot ulcers compared DermagraftTM with conventional therapy (Marston et al., 2003). A signi cantly higher number of patients in the HSE group were healed by 12 weeks. This group also experienced signi cantly fewer ulcer-related adverse events. Veves et al. (2001) reported a multicentre study of 208 neuropathic diabetic foot ulcers
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To create a Scatter object, select the Create Compound Scatter menu command. The selected object becomes the Source object. A rollout then opens, in which you can select the Distribution object or use defined transforms. Under the Scatter Objects rollout, the Objects section lists the Source and Distribution objects. Name fields are also available for changing the name of either object. The Extract Operand button is available only in the Modify panel; it lets you select an operand from the list and make a copy or instance of it.
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7.4 Examples of Multilevel Secure Systems
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Yield: about 1 lb (500 g)
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As a centrally planned economy, China has historically set entry barriers against foreign investors in speci c industries. The Ministry of Commerce (MoC) and its forerunner, the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation (MOFTEC), laid out this policy through the promulgation of a periodical Foreign Investment Industrial Guidance Catalogs (the Catalog), categorizing foreign investment projects as encouraged, permitted, restricted, or prohibited. No barrier exists for industries under the encouraged category, and few for permitted ones. Up along this scale gradually restrictive policies are imposed on the entry of foreigners, in terms of speci c type of FIE permitted, the control party of the FIE, and so forth. The currently valid Catalog was promulgated in 2004. In accordance with China s commitments made upon accession to the World Trade Organization (WTO) in 2001, industry entry barriers for FIEs have gradually been lifted. Previously restricted, and even prohibited
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The Video for local playback (2.1 Mbps) stores captured video in .wmv format at a display size of 640 480 pixels and 30 frames per second. The High Quality Video (large) uses the same display size and frame rate, but uses a variable bit rate to keep the file size to a minimum.
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U.S. 2 lb 1 lb 8 oz 12 oz 4 oz 4 oz 11 2 lb 13 4 pt
Figure 6-29: The AEC Objects category makes adding structural objects like stairs easy.
Figure 2-9: Multiple instances of Internet Explorer are open. Here are some other handy things to know about a single taskbar button that represents multiple open instances of a program window. You can right-click the taskbar button that sports the number of open instances and then choose any of the following from the context menu that opens: Cascade: Stacks all the opens instances like sheets of paper, with just their title bars visible. Tile Horizontally: Sizes the windows equally and displays them like tiles. If only a few windows are open, each will be sized to the width of the screen. Tile Vertically: Same as above, but each window spans the height of the desktop. If only a few windows are open, each will be sized to the width of the screen. Minimize Group: Temporarily removes all open instances from the desktop. Use any option previously given to bring them back to the desktop. Close Group: Closes all the open instances in one click. The main point to keep in mind here, however, is that program windows on the desktop stack up just like sheets of paper on a desk. It doesn t matter whether you re talking about a single instance of multiple programs, multiple instances of a single program, or multiple instances of multiple programs they re all just program windows. Each program window is still like a sheet of paper on a real, wooden desktop a very small wooden desktop at that (although it would be great to have a monitor that really is as big as a real desk!).
Chocolate Buttercream
Those who merely multiply the greatly increased number of potential workers by another greatly increased estimate for output per man-hour can indeed
These Snap buttons control the snapping for translations. To the right are two other buttons: Angle Snap toggle and Percent Snap. These buttons control the snapping of rotations and scalings.
Creating Automation references
The Barycentric Morph controller is automatically applied when a morph compound object is created. Keys are created for this controller based on the morph targets set in the Modify panel under the Current Targets rollout for the morph compound object. You can edit these keys using the Barycentric controller Key Info dialog box, which you can open by right-clicking a morph key in the Track View or in the Track Bar. The main difference between the Cubic Morph controller and the Barycentric Morph controller is that the latter can have weights applied to the various morph keys. The Barycentric Morph controller Key Info dialog box includes a list of morph targets. If a target is selected, its Percentage value sets the influence of the target. The Time value is the frame where this key is located. The TCB values and displayed curve control the Tension, Continuity, and Bias parameters for this controller. The Constrain to 100% option causes all weights to equal 100 percent; changing one value changes the other values proportionally if this option is selected.
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