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CCA Cost Center Accounting
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Melatonin Supplements
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Registry Value Data Types
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your overall level of effort. Again, share risk with the client; don t assume it all yourself. Operational Risk For many service sales, the resultant organizational changes can be signi cant, leading to client concerns about disruptions to the business. The source of concern could be potential disruptions to the ow of work, which can impact customer service, supplier delivery, or employee productivity. Anytime an organization nds itself in a state of transition, expect concerns about operational problems. Most often, operational snafus result from poor communication, inadequate education, lack of an effective backup plan, or some combination of these factors. As you communicate with clients about your service implementation strategy, be sure you can illustrate three important points. First, demonstrate how you plan to execute a comprehensive communication plan that allows the appropriate individuals to understand what will change, when it will happen, and what they can expect. You will prevent a range of disasters by taking that one step. Second, discuss how you will train the client s staff to work effectively once the proposed change is in place. If people know what they re supposed to do, most will do whatever it takes to make things work. So be sure to show how you will prepare the relevant people to cope with the changes you re proposing. Finally, always have a contingency plan. Think about the worst-case scenario and plan for its occurrence. If you re proposing to implement a new information system, what would you do if that system failed in its fourth day of operation Put together a fail-safe plan. You are not likely to need it, but you will ease your client s mind (and help you sleep better) if you have thought it through. Some disruption to the client s operation is likely during the implementation of most services. But, you can reduce or eliminate operational risks with effective communication, an emphasis on education, and a workable contingency plan. Career Risk Whenever you re talking to a client about the impact of a new service on an organization, there s often an unspoken thought rolling around in the client s mind: If this project doesn t work as advertised, what will it do to me Some clients will voice this worry directly. But most times, you won t
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2. Models are used during the design of future systems in order to check
A procedure can t contain other procedures within it. A procedure can, however, call another procedure and execute the code in the other procedure at any time.
Is it easier for people who quit drinking also to stop smoking Does one success experience carry over to other types of addiction and encourage people to work on other problems as well 4. Increased attention to societal conditions, which might promote or impede individual change. By way of example, mention may be made of the varying degrees of stigmatization of addiction and other social problems by the public and the different ways the media portray alcoholics, drug addicts and gamblers, which in turn will in uence perceived chances of change and willingness to help such people. 5. Investigation of change processes in different cultural contexts. The few ndings available so far do not point to distinct cultural differences but, on the contrary, underline the overriding dominant role of cognitive appraisal processes in very different countries such as the USA, Switzerland, Canada (Sobell et al., 1999) and Australia (Brady, 1995). It seems that health problems, life objectives, support and pressure from collaterals are leitmotivs, which show up almost universally. However, the different focus and development of alcohol (Klingemann, Takala & Hunt, 1992) and drug (Klingemann & Hunt, 1998) treatment systems already indicate signi cant in uences on remission rates and individual control strategies. If little alcohol treatment is available in a speci c country and access is dif cult in terms of cost and admission criteria, natural recovery rates may be higher than in countries with elaborate treatment systems and guaranteed individual rights to proper treatment. Natural recovery from smoking is the rule, with no speci c treatment offered in most cases (Steward, 1999).
How to Create a User Account
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The hypothesis that BT is generally as effective as more intensive treatment has gained considerable support from the results of Project MATCH, the largest study of the effects
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