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today s fast-paced business environment. To be successful, a good performance appraisal process must be participative that is, the employee must have a voice in the process. Involving the employee in establishing goals and objectives for his or her job not only generates a sense of fairness about the process but also is an effective way to improve job performance. In addition to mutually setting employee goals and objectives, the performance process needs to link individual goals to the organization, identify education and development needs, and discuss career advancement opportunities. Done well, this process serves as an excellent foundation for the ongoing communication advocated earlier. Providing employees with continuous feedback in a timely and nonthreatening manner is at the core of how employers can effectively motivate their employees. Employees today need and want frequent recognition of their job performance and will put forth their best effort for employers who fulfill this need. Companies that continually reward and recognize their employees in an environment of ongoing communication will create a workforce that feels empowered to make a difference.
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There is a tension in the IT/programmer/software engineering world between the rigorous process people like Adam, and the proponents of a development philosophy called variously eXtreme programming (XP) or agile development. It is worth noting that while some critics dismiss the agile movement as a fad, no less a software eminence than Google, Inc. has vociferously embraced it. The XP movement arose out of a sense of frustration with traditional software development methodologies for collecting requirements and organizing teams. Basically, it is a reaction to overly bureaucratic software organization and project management. The XP movement has been very in uential, with dozens of bestselling books having been written on the topic, and many developer conferences held. The founders of the movement include some well-known theorists of software development, and they codi ed their thinking in the Manifesto for Agile Software Development, which appears on their web site ( Here s the text from the provocative rst page of that site:
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Each component is covered in detail in the following chapters, with stress on the integration with the Activity-Based Costing component. This section merely provides a preparatory overview.
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When adjusting monitor settings, avoid options like pincushion, trapezoid, and tilt. You shouldn t have to change those. If you do, it may be difficult to get them right again. For more information on adjusting your monitor, refer to the manual that came with your computer or monitor.
If you have a microphone or headset that works with your computer, you can record your own voice narration and add it to your movie. Plug in your microphone or headset as per the manufacturer s instructions. If necessary, adjust the volume and mute controls on the microphone to make sure that it can pick up your spoken voice.
Part III Modeling
loIn contrast to DTMCs, where lowercase notation is used to refer to recurrence time, uppercase notation is used for CTMCs. llThe limits do not necessarily constitute a steady-state probability vector.
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