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Figure 50-5: Use the MAXScript Listener window to query Max about an object s properties.
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filespec.Drive(); // returns the string "c:" fileSpec.Path(); // returns the string "\Documents\Oandx\"
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Properties are displayed in a Property Sheet (sometimes called a Property window). To display the Property Sheet for the Description text box, follow these steps:
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portA output Y Address != 011 AND != 111 Y out_obfab=1 N set_obfab=1 Y out_obfab=0
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Cloverleaf Rolls
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This chapter presented particle systems and showed how you can use them. The chapter also took a close look at each system, including Spray, Snow, Super Spray, Blizzard, PArray, PCloud and Particle Flow. This chapter covered these topics: Learning about the various particle systems Creating a particle system for producing rain and snow Using the Super Spray particle system Working with MetaParticles Specifying an object to use as a particle and an object to use as an emitter Using the PArray and PCloud particle systems Using the Particle Age and Particle MBlur maps on particles Controlling and programming the flow of particles with the Particle Flow window Hair and fur is tricky to model, but Max includes a separate interface that makes applying hair and fur to a model easy. The interface also includes options for styling hair: It s like a regular virtual beauty salon.
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Metric 125 g 125 g 30 mL 30 mL 1 mL 4 4 1.5 L
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(d) Turn the potato slightly (one-seventh of a full turn, to be exact) and repeat the motion.
Figure 39-16: Result of searching all subfolders in D:\Music for all music files If you wanted to further limit the search, just add the appropriate criterion. For example, add *.mp3 to the All or part of filename text box in the Search Companion. The point is, you can get to any group of files, regardless of what folder they re in, using the Search Companion.
To move a favorite or folder icon in Organize Favorites, you can just drag it and drop it wherever you want to place it. If you want to move an item into a folder you ve created, you can just drag the item and drop it right onto the folder s icon. Or, you can click the item you want to move and click the Move to Folder button. In the Browse for Folder dialog box that opens, click the name of the folder to move the favorite to. If you re trying to pull the favorite out of a folder back up to the first list, click Favorites at the top of the folder list. Click the Close button. To change the name of a favorite or folder, click the item, and then click the Rename button. Or, right-click the item and choose Rename. The name will be selected (highlighted). Type the new name, or edit the existing name using any of the standard text-editing techniques. To edit it, you ll need to position the cursor by clicking the spot where you want to put the cursor or by pressing the or Home key to move the cursor to the left. Press Enter when you re done.
Open any existing page or create a new blank page in Dreamweaver by choosing File New and then Basic Page and HTML Page. Choose Insert Table and specify the number of columns and rows. In this example, I created a table that is two rows by three columns so that I could place each of the photos I took in Sedona in its own table cell. Click to insert your cursor in the first table cell, choose Insert Image, browse to find the image you want to use, and select it to insert it in the table cell. Click to insert your cursor in the second table cell, choose Insert Image, browse to find the image you want to use, and select it to insert it in the table cell. Continue inserting the thumbnail images until all of the small images are in their own cells in the table.
Fig. 13.59
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