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4 Creating Pop-Up and Pop-Under Windows
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The general procedures for roasting and baking meats also apply to poultry, as illustrated by the following recipes. However, there are some differences in the ways poultry items are handled.The guidelines below should be observed. Remember that poultry items are almost always cooked well done (except for squab and game birds).
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using Eq. (10.155).
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Figure 19.1 Making rice pilaf.
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IF SF # 8 - THEN perform aggregation of fast transient states and construct -E;M: * Compu_te the probabilistic switch PFM according to Eq. (5.57) and ELM according to Eq. (5.55) and Eq. (5.56) from 2. * x=%~&f. - ELSE X = 2:. Aggregation of the initial state probability vector a(O):
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Sponge method. 1. Melt chocolate and butter together in a double boiler. Stir so that the mixture is smooth. Let it cool to room temperature. 2. Blend the eggs, sugar, and salt until well mixed, but do not whip. Add the vanilla. 3. Blend in the chocolate mixture. 4. Sift the our and fold it in. 5. Fold in the nuts.
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Viewing the Explorer Status Bar
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You might also see a Language Bar toolbar option. That one applies to multi-language keyboards as discussed under Working with multiple languages in 12.
Reducing the probability of firm default either via reducing debt or by conducting risk management as a substitute (which additionally conserves the tax shield for debt, because this allows the firm to keep the leverage constant or even to increase it)224 will also reduce the debt holdershareholder conflict of underinvestment. Risk management can, thus, reduce the associated agency costs in the form of higher promised payments to debt holders and the turning down of positive NPV projects, and will, therefore, increase firm value. The underinvestment problem is more pronounced in firms with more shareholder and managerial discretion in the choice of investment projects.225 This is the case when firms derive a relatively higher proportion of their market value from growth options relative to the assets in place.226 Therefore, the more growth options and the higher the leverage of a firm are, the more likely it is that the firm conducts risk management to decrease the underinvestment problem. Coordination of Investment and Financing In a world of perfect and complete capital markets, a firm s losses accompanied by a reduction in cash flows (and hence the need to turn to external sources) would not affect a firm s investment spending: A project that is worth funding internally would be worth funding externally, and external funds would be always available at fair terms.227 However, as we have seen above, capital markets are not perfect. And the imperfections can lead to inefficient investment,228 because (inefficient) capital markets may not be able to evaluate investment projects fairly due to agency problems and asymmetric information229 and hence may not provide external funding for positive NPV projects at all or may do so only at a higher price.230 Nonetheless, even in the neoinstitutional world the (implicit) key M&M insight is still valid: increasing the firm value can only be achieved by making good investment decisions that will, in turn, increase the firm s (operating) cash flows.231
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