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27: Using the Windows Application Programming Interface
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Wrap Up
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Convenience store Olive Garden
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P r o c e d u r e
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P21 = 1.
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Ingredients Leek, white part only, cut julienne Butter Pork tenderloins Salt Pepper Oil Shallots, chopped Dry vermouth Cr me fra che Whole-grain mustard Garnish: Chervil springs
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As a cost function, we use the one suggested in Eq. (11.2) with additional main memory cost C(K) :
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Cost of sales
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n Paper Source: If your scanner offers multiple paper sources, choose the one that contains the document you re about to scan. n Paper Size: If you re using a non-standard paper size with an automatic document feeder, use this option to specify that size. n Color Format: Choose Color, Grayscale, or Black & White according to your preferences.
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(b) Move the knife forward and down to slice through the carrot.
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Down at the bottom of Ease of Access Center there s a link titled Make it easier to focus on tasks. Clicking that takes you to the options shown in Figure 12.16. All of the options turn on (or off) features described earlier in this chapter.
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