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when you try to make it even cheaper by selling prepayment tokens through third parties (such as banks and supermarkets) it can rapidly become expensive, complicated, and risky. This is largely because of the security engineering problems created by mutual mistrust between the various organizations involved. Changes to a business process can be very expensive if they affect the security infrastructure. For example, the requirement to sell meter tokens other than at local shops, to support commuters, was not anticipated and was costly to implement.
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Inputs to Processes Defined for the Cost Model
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24 Creating Advanced Multi-Layer Materials source
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Our expertise in your industry Our expertise on the issue you're facing Trust in the team's capability The team's ability to diagnose the problem and devise a solution The team's analytical capabilities and creativity Our methods and tools to get the job done
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CA, June 1997. IEEE Ibe87. Computer Society Press. 0. Ibe. Performance comparison of explicit and implicit tokenpassing networks. Computer Communications, 10(2):59-69, 1987.
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xit pop-up windows enable you to make the best of outgoing site traffic. By using JavaScript behaviors, you can launch a pop-up window the very second users leave your Web site or close their Web browser, as shown in Figure 21.2. There are many useful applications for pop-up windows on exit. For example, if your site offers e-commerce, you can pop-up a last chance bargain to invite them back to shop on your site. The same principles of creating a pop-up window from the previous techniques apply. The only difference in steps is the OnUnload event, which triggers as soon as the browser closes.
Exhibit 24-1: I. Category Sections of the AICPA Content Specification Outlines for AUDIT
Some Web services always use specific ports. These commonly used ports go by the hightech name of well-known ports. There are also some not-so-well-known ports that do useful things, such as ports for voice conversations and file transfers in MSN Messenger. Table 26-1 shows some examples of the well-known ports and other useful Windows ports.
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