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As a result of the integrated or nonintegrated nature of the solution, there are some potential philosophical differences between the two systems. The costing conceptual design category focuses on these differences. Some of the points are unique to the particular products being considered, that is, SAP. For example, areas highlighting the philosophical differences that exist between SAP and stand-
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Telephone: 86 10 6833 9522/9089 Web:
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One crucial question is the choice of the appropriate communication or interaction mechanism. Two basic avors are asynchronous and synchronous communication. There is no de nitive answer as to which one of these two possibilities is better, and both approaches can model each other. The system model is based on the asynchronous approach because of its abstractness. Synchronous method calls within the system model are encoded as asynchronous message passing.1 The UML speci cation distinguishes between event (types) and event occurrences (see [8, Sec. 6.4.2]) and provides a rather general notion of events and event
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Restore Defaults
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AR = 0 707 AR = 0 448 Disaggregation
Part VI: Access as an Enterprise Platform
20: Advanced Access Report Techniques
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