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and even allowed a limited service to be provided when the cash machine was offline. After this system had been used for many years without incident, a programmer (who was playing around with a card reader used in a building access control system) discovered that he could alter the magnetic strip of his own bank card by substituting his wife s bank account number for his own. He could then take money out of her account using the modified card and his own PIN. He realized that this also enabled him to loot any other customer s account, and he went on to steal hundreds of thousands over a period of years. The affected banks had to spend millions on changing their systems. So we need to look systematically at security protocols and how they fail. As they are widely deployed and often very badly designed, I ll give a number of examples from different applications.
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Rule 7: See the Future More Clearly
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A Successful Retirement
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30 Yeast Products
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USE NORTHWIND INSERT INTO Employees (LastName, FirstName, Title) VALUES ( Goode , Johnny B , Sales Representative ) SELECT * FROM Employees
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7 Mise en Place
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As already indicated, VaR is typically calculated at a 97.5% (or 99%) confidence level, whereas economic capital is calculated at, for example, a 99.97% level. VaR is a daily measure of total risk, while economic capital is typically measured on an annual basis. As already discussed, we can scale daily VaR to an annual VaR by multiplying it by t (i.e., applying the square-root-of-time rule ), with the caveat that this only holds under
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Figure 25-7: The Alternate Phone Numbers dialog box To add an alternate phone number, click the Add button and fill in the blanks. You can add as many alternate phone numbers as your ISP provides. To change or delete an alternate number you ve previously entered, click on that number in the list, and then click the Edit or Delete button below the list. To ensure that the modem tries to alternate numbers automatically, choose the If number fails, try next number option. Over time, Windows can also arrange the numbers for you, behind the scenes, based on how often the number succeeds in making a connection. Choose the Move successful number to top of list option to let Windows rearrange numbers automatically.
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23.4.4 Education
Ingredients Oil Cooked meat or poultry, cut ne julienne Chinese cabbage, shredded Scallions, shredded Bean sprouts Dried black mushrooms (stems discarded), soaked in boiling water, cut julienne Bamboo shoots, cut julienne Raw shrimp, chopped Soy sauce Sherry or shaoxing wine Chicken stock Cornstarch Water, cold Egg roll skins or spring roll skins Egg, beaten
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