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Pur e of Cauli ower Soup (Pur e Dubarry) 230 Pur e of Celery or Celery Root Soup 230 Pur e of Jerusalem Artichoke Soup 230 Pur e of Potato Soup (Potage Parmentier) 230 Pur e of Potato and Leek Soup 230 Pur e of Turnip Soup 230 Pur e of Watercress Soup 230 Pur e of Mixed Vegetable Soup 230 Potage Solferino 230 Pur e of Split Pea Soup 231 Pur e of White Bean Soup 231 Pur e of Yellow Split Pea Soup 231 Pur e of Lentil Soup 231 Pur e of Kidney Bean Soup 231 Pur e of Black Bean Soup 231 Pur e Mongole 231 Nonpur ed Bean Soups 231 Butternut Squash Soup with Caramelized Apples 232 Pur e of Spring Vegetable Soup 233 Potage Cressoni re (Watercress Soup) 233 Navy Bean Soup 234 Apple and Parsnip Soup with Floating Calvados Cream 234 Potato and Leek Soup with Sorrel 235 Spicy Black Bean Soup 235 Chilled Leek and Potato Soup with Shrimp and Fennel Salad 236 Vichyssoise 236 Shrimp Bisque 237 Lobster Bisque 237 Potato Chowder 238 Corn Chowder 238 Corn and Crab Chowder with Basil 239 New England Clam Chowder 240 Manhattan Clam Chowder 240 New England Fish Chowder 240 French Onion Soup Gratin e 241 Roasted Garlic Soup with Black Olive Crostini 242 Viennese-Style Vegetable Broth 242 Borscht 243 Cold Borscht 243 Gulyas 243 Seafood Gumbo 244 Chicken and Andouille Gumbo 244 Pho Bo (Vietnamese Beef and Rice Noodle Soup) 245 Chinese Hot and Sour Soup 246 Chilled Tomato and Basil Soup 247 V Ecuadorian Quinoa and Peanut Soup 247 Tortilla Soup 248 Summer Vegetable and Smoked Tomato Soup 249 V Red Lentil and Apricot Soup 249 Japanese Clear Soup with Shrimp 250 Miso Soup 250 Caldo Verde 251 Lightly Saffroned Mussel Soup 251 Velout Agnes Sorel (Chicken and Leek Soup) 252 Zuppa di Ceci e Riso (Italian Chickpea and Rice Soup) 252 Minestrone 253 Scotch Broth 253 V Gazpacho 254 V Chilled Melon and Mint Soup 255
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Figure 61-3: Select your Internet Connection Wizard page. 7. If you have multiple network connections (or an IEEE 1394 port), the next wizard page asks which one provides the connection to your local network. Choose the name that matches the brand name of your network interface card, as in the example shown in Figure 61-4, and then click Next>.
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There are 1,001 ways you or your employees can lose the focus that you need to get your organization s goals accomplished. One of the
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The one-time pad is still used for high-level diplomatic and intelligence traffic, but it consumes as much key material as there is traffic, hence is too expensive for most applications. It s more common for stream ciphers to use a suitable pseudorandom number generator to expand a short key into a long keystream. The data is then encrypted by exclusive-or ing the keystream, one bit at a time, with the data. It s not enough for the keystream to appear random in the sense of passing the standard series randomness tests; it also must have the property that an opponent who gets their hands on even a number of keystream bits should not be able to predict any more of them. I ll formalize this more tightly in the next section. Stream ciphers are commonly used nowadays in hardware applications where the number of gates has to be minimized to save power. We ll look at some actual designs in later chapters, including the A5 algorithm used to encipher GSM mobile phone traffic (in 17, Telecom System Security ), and the multiplex shift register system used in pay-per-view TV (in 20, Copyright and Privacy Protection ). However, block ciphers are more suited for many applications where encryption is done in software, so let s look at them next.
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In absolute terms and without adjustment for the rise in the price level, the upward sweep in total government purchases of goods and services seems staggering. The gure passed through the $100 billion level in 1961, which was 20 percent higher than in the relatively recent year 1957, more than double the 1950 level, seven times as high as in 1940, and nearly twelve times the gure for 1929. State and local outlays have risen nearly tenfold since 1929, but federal spending has multiplied more than sixty times in the same span of time. One hundred billion dollars is a large number even in our economy, but it is truly enormous in terms of business activity in other countries: it is more than enough to buy up the 1960 exports of all the countries of the world, excluding the United States all the oil, all the wheat, all the iron ore, automobiles, machine tools, textiles, and so on. And at this writing, total government purchases of goods and services exceed $130 billion a year.
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14 Your Financial Action Plan
Usually, the role of nutrition as a factor impacting human evolution is overlooked. Likewise, the fact that food plays such a critical role in hormonal communication seems to be largely ignored by the medical and dietetic communities of our society. However, it is a survival technique under our direct control. The more well-nourished we are, the more likely we will pass on strong, resilient genes to the next generation. We now understand that all functions in the human organism decline with age. But nature gives us time to make a contribution to life and sufficient time to rear the next generation of our species, then wants us to make an exit. From this point of view, organisms like ours that developed more sophisticated hormonal systems based on the food they ate had a better chance of survival to rear their offspring and were more likely to pass on their healthy genes. Therefore, the hormones that are directly regulated by our diet will have the greatest effect on survival, if we can optimize their performance.
Ways of working with external data
Have you ever held the edge of a mirror up to your face to see half your head in the mirror Many objects have a natural symmetry that you can exploit to require that only half an object be modeled. The human face is a good example. You can clone symmetrical parts using the Mirror command.
Analysts and analytics are all about making the enterprise better. Time after time we heard people mention reducing the time required for businesses to access the data needed to run the business. Rosalee Hermens, who as CIO frequently champions important analytic projects at Timberland, is passionate: I set out to do whatever it takes to help us get information that actually gets us into the place where we can do things better. A big motivator for most analysts is the quest to ask the right question. Isidor Rabi, the Columbia University Nobel Prize winning physicist, told interviewers of an early in uence on his sense of inquiry. When he returned home from grade school each day, his mother did not ask Did you learn anything today but Did you ask a good question today Gerald Edelman, a Nobel laureate in medicine, af rms that the asking of the question is the important thing. Analytics and analysts allow the enterprise to ask great questions.
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