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can be check boxes or radio buttons, array values are drop-down lists, nodes are pick buttons (allowing you to select an object in the viewports), color and RGB values are color pickers, and texture maps are map buttons. You can also name the parameter. The Options rollout changes depending on which parameter type was selected. These rollouts contain settings for the interface s Width, value ranges, default values, Alignment (left, right, or center), and list items. The Testing Attribute rollout shows what the interface element will look like and lets you change the attribute to see how the custom parameter works. The value of custom attributes becomes apparent when you start wiring parameters. barcode qr crystal report
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Part I Learning the Max Interface
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Knives, Hand Tools, and Small Equipment
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Quality of Service
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42 Using VHS, LPs, DVD, and More
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Fig. 1.3 Merging of Poisson processes.
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Disable All Macros without Notification: All macros and VBA code are disabled and the user isn t prompted to enable them. Disable All Macros with Notification: All macros and VBA code are disabled and the user is prompted to enable them. Disable All Macros Except Digitally Signed Macros: The status of the macro s digital signature is validated for digitally signed macros. For unsigned macros, a prompt displays advising the user to enable the macro or to cancel opening the database. Enable All Macros (Not Recommended; Potentially Dangerous Code Can Be Run): Macros and VBA code are not checked for digital signatures and no warning displays for unsigned macros.
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