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Blacker was a series of encryption devices designed to incorporate MLS technology. Previously, encryption devices were built with separate processors for the ciphertext, or Black, end, and the cleartext, or Red, end. Various possible failures can be prevented if one can coordinate the Red and Black processing. One can also make the device simpler, and provide greater operational flexibility: the device isn t limited to separating two logical networks, but can provide encryption and integrity assurance selectively, and interact in useful ways with routers. But a high level of assurance is required that the Red data won t leak out via the Black . Blacker entered service in 1989, and the main lesson learned from it was the extreme difficulty of accommodating administrative traffic within a model of classification levels [799]. As late as 1994, it was the only communications security device with an A1 evaluation [97]. So it too had an effect on later systems. It was not widely used though, and its successor (the Motorola Network Encryption System), which is still in use, has only a B2 evaluation.
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Create Mirror Curve Create Chamfer Curve Create Fillet Curve Create Surface-Surface Intersection CurveNURBS Create U Iso Curve Create V Iso Curve Create Normal Projected Curve Create Vector Projected Curve Create CV Curve on Surface Create Point Curve on Surface Create Surface Offset Curve Create Surface Edge Curve
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Managing E-Mail Messages
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Turney, J. L., 196 Tuttle, Wilmer N., 115 Union Hose Company (Short Hills, NJ), 80 Unisys, 439 United Air Lines, 288 United Nations, 420 United States Bobbin and Shuttle, 42 UNIVAC: as contender for computer market, 362, 413 417 versus IBM 701, 409 James Rand at, 438 and 1952 election coverage, 397 404 as one of the BUNCH, 442 Universal Automatic Computer. See UNIVAC University of California, 168 University of Iowa, 143 University of Pennsylvania, 337, 343, 346, 402 U.S. Census Bureau: Hollerith s contract with, 48 49 IBM s contract with, 111 Powers s contract with, 84 UNIVAC s contract with, 398 399, 413 U.S. Department of Justice, IBM antitrust case, 370, 385 392, 421 U.S. Rubber, 41 U.S. Steel: Andrew Carnegie at, 174 antitrust case, 22 contrasted to C-T-R, 89 on October 29, 1929, 121 USA Today, Kevin Maney at, ix, xiv Vacuum tube: Halsey Dickinson s work on, 344 345 as precursor of electronics, 332 333 Van Santvoord, George, 279 Van Vechten, Anne, 143, 163 166, 319 Van Vlissingen, F. H. Fentener, 206, 208 Vick Chemical, 157 Videla, Gonzalez, 371 W. R. Grace & Co., 40 Waffl, Neuman D., 166 267 Wal-Mart, 408 Walton, Sam, 408 Washington Times, 28 Watergate scandel, 440 Waters, Byne, 163, 192, 218 Watson, Arthur (Dick): as ambassador to France, 417, 439 440 childhood of, 77 80, 135, 263, 264, 279 death of, 439 440 at Endicott s tribute to father, 251 at father s death, 428 as head of IBM World Trade, 369, 373, 375, 377 379, 383, 411, 412, 439 relationship with brother Tom, 375 379, 418, 439 relationship with parents, 278 283, 371, 375 376 on return from WWII, 324 Watson, Effie, 16 Watson, Emma, 16 Watson, Helen: childhood of, 77 80, 263, 264 at father s death, 428 marriage of, 309 as mother, 342 at 1937 World s Fair, 168 relationship with brother Dick, 278 relationship with father, 280 Watson, Jane (daughter of Tom Watson, Sr.): at Bryn Mawr College, 163 childhood of, 77 81, 168, 263 at father s death, 428
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When somebody sends you an e-mail message with files attached, the header for that message shows a paper clip icon. For example, the first two messages in Figure 18.16 both have attachments. When you click the message header of such a message the Preview pane also shows a paper clip. Clicking the large paper clip icon in the Preview pane shows the filenames of the attachments and a Save Attachments option.
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FIGURE 18.11
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This function first tries to set the AllowBypassKey property to whatever value is passed in as BypassFlag. If the attempt to set the property generates an error, indicating that the AllowBypassKey property doesn t exist, the error trap checks to see if the error value is 3270. If it is, the AllowBypassKey property is created and appended to the database s Properties collection after being set to the BypassFlag value. If the error is anything other than 3270, the function simply exits and doesn t try to resolve the problem. Refer to 23 for more information on trapping and handling errors.
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Part I: Access Building Blocks
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46 Selecting the Benchmarks
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