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S60 Smartphone Quality Assurance: A Guide for Mobile Engineers and Developers
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customers, so a 9-digit account number is the norm. And there s also a check digit (a linear combination of the other digits, which is appended to detect errors). 4. Global names buy you less than you think. For example, the 128-bit addresses planned for IPv6 can enable every object in the universe to have a unique name. However, for us to do business, a local name at my end must be resolved into this unique name and back into a local name at your end. Invoking a unique name in the middle may not buy us anything; it may even get in the way if the unique naming service takes time, costs money, or occasionally fails (as it surely will). In fact, the name service itself will usually have to be a distributed system, of the same scale (and security level) as the system we re trying to protect. So we can expect no silver bullets from this quarter. One reason the banking industry is wary of initiatives to set up public key infrastructures which would give each citizen the electronic equivalent of an ID card, is that banks already have unique names for their customers (account numbers). Adding an extra number does little good, but it has the potential to add extra costs and failure modes. 5. Names imply commitments, so keep the scheme flexible enough to cope with organizational changes. This sound principle was ignored in the design of Cloud Cover, the U.K. government s key management system for secure email [50]. There, principals private keys are generated by encrypting their names under departmental master keys. So reorganizations mean that the security infrastructure must be rebuilt. 6. Names may double as access tickets, or capabilities. We have already seen a number of examples of this in the chapters on protocols and passwords. In general, it s a bad idea to assume that today s name won t be tomorrow s password or capability remember the Utrecht fraud discussed in Section 2.4. (This is one of the arguments for making all names public keys keys speak in cyberspace in Carl Ellison s phrase but we ve already noted the difficulties of linking keys with names.) I ve given a number of examples of how things go wrong when a name starts being used as a password. But sometimes the roles of name and password are ambiguous. In order to get entry to the car park I use at the university, I speak my surname and parking badge number into a microphone near the barrier. So if I say, Anderson, 123 (or whatever), which of these is the password (In fact it s Anderson, as anyone can walk through the car park and note down valid badge numbers from the parking permits displayed on the cars.) In this context, a lot deserves to be said about biometrics, which I ll postpone until 13. 7. Things are made much simpler if an incorrect name is obvious. In standard distributed systems, this enables us to take a liberal attitude toward cacheing. In payment systems, credit card numbers may be accepted while a terminal is offline as long as the credit card number appears valid (i.e., the last digit is a proper check digit of the first 15) and is not on the hot-card list. Certificates provide a higher-quality implementation of the same basic concept.
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CrossReference 10, Grouping and Linking Objects, covers creating linked systems, and 8, Transforming Objects Translate, Rotate, and Scale, covers moving pivot points.
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3. While the syrup is boiling, beat the egg whites in a clean, grease-free bowl, using the whip attachment, until they form rm, moist peaks. Do not overbeat. 4. As soon as the syrup reaches 240 F (115 C), pour it very slowly into the egg whites while the mixer is running at medium speed. 5. Continue to beat until the meringue is cool and forms stiff peaks. (You have now made an Italian meringue. For more information, see 34.) 6. With the mixer still running at medium speed, begin adding the butter, a little at a time. Add it just as fast as it can be absorbed by the meringue. 7. When all the butter is beaten in, add the shortening in the same way. 8. Beat in the lemon juice and vanilla.
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2007 Leadership Link, Inc. Used by permission.
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W. Craig, and J.L. Melnick, Microbiological hazards of household toilets: Droplet production and the fate of residual organisms. Appl Microbiol. 1975 Aug; 30(2): 229 37. The Georgetown University study demonstrating that wet soap has more bacteria on it than dry soap is S.J. Brook and I. Brook, Contamination of bar soaps in a household setting. Microbios. 1993; 76(306): 55 57. That kitchens are germier than bathrooms is shown in P. Rusin, P. Orosz-Coughlin, and C. Gerba, Reduction of faecal coliform, coliform and heterotrophic plate count bacteria in the household kitchen and bathroom by disinfection with hypochlorite cleaners. J Appl Microbiol. 1998 Nov; 85(5): 819 28. The disgusting stuff you can nd on your toothbrush is delineated in S.S. Taji, and A.H. Rogers, ADRF Trebitsch Scholarship. The microbial contamination of toothbrushes: A pilot study. Aust Dent J. 1998 Apr; 43(2): 128 30. The information that Porphyromonas gingivalis can hide in the handle of an electric toothbrush appears in L. Bunetel, S. Tricot-Doleux, G. Agnani, and M. Bonnaure-Mallet, In vitro evaluation of the retention of three species of pathogenic microorganisms by three different types of toothbrush. Oral Microbiology and Immunology. 2000: 15; 313 16.
Reduce the milk to 1 pt (500 mL) and the sugar to 6 oz (175 g) when making the cr me anglaise. Mash 1 lb (500 g) strawberries with 6 oz (175 g) sugar, or use 11 2 lb (700 g) frozen, sweetened strawberries. Stir this pur e into the custard sauce before adding the whipped cream.
FIGURE 6.23. Diagram showing generation of set_si_intra logic.
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