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Table 3.9 Probability
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it is only accessible by a well-de ned group. In this case, it is sensible to keep the le in a private directory and write a server to provide and police access to the data. A simple way to do this is for a le handle to be passed by the server to any other process that has a suf cient level of trust for it to access the le. Other ways to share data between processes are described in 10. Data on removable media can be accessed without going through the Symbian OS protection mechanisms if the media is removed from the mobile phone. Thus, if an application puts data in a private directory on, for example, an MMC, there is nothing to stop the user from removing the card, placing it on a PC and accessing it. Some phones support passwordprotected cards, but it should not be assumed that all cards will have this protection. Sensitive data should be stored only on internal drives or else should be stored encrypted, for example by designing a secure storage application module, which creates and stores an encryption key on the internal drive and uses this to guarantee that data is secure, regardless of the drive on which it is stored. Another issue associated with the use of removable media is that the user may modify the contents of the card on a PC and then re-insert it into the phone. This could corrupt the data, so any information that must be tamper-proof must be protected, either by keeping it solely on the internal drive of the phone or by using a cryptographic hash of the data for tamper-detection. Symbian OS uses this technique when program binaries are installed to the \sys\bin directory of a removable drive, to ensure that the binaries are not modi ed when the card is out of the phone. Symbian OS checks the hash of the binary each time it is loaded to ensure it hasn t been tampered with. It is possible to force binary or data les to be installed to the internal drive by explicitly specifying the drive in the target path of the .pkg le, instead of allowing the user to specify the drive at installation time. However, this approach should be used sparingly because it prevents the user from making a choice and making the most of the storage space afforded to them by removable media. It may even prevent them from installing an application at all, if there is insuf cient space on the internal drive. Another route by which data can leave the phone is through a backup to PC, or sometimes by backup to removable media. Backup and restore is an important facility for the user to protect against loss of personal or important data, but it does present a potential security risk, since once data is removed from the phone, it can be viewed and/or tampered with. For an application, there may be some data which does not need to be backed up, because it can easily be re-created or is transient and likely to change before a restore occurs; for example, the number of hours of voice calls made to date, or a temporary le used for spooling data. Other data simply should not be backed up, for security reasons, such as a PIN
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However, when we view holding capital as a substitute for selling or hedging risks (as shown in 215) which is the focus of this chapter we can also see that Table 5.1 contains valuable information to prove some of the predictions made in 3: Smaller banks tend to have concentrated ownership and owner-managers,16 suggesting that they prefer more risk management to less. Since they have only limited access to sophisticated risk
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When you see the two-headed arrow, gently hold down the left mouse button without moving the mouse. Once the mouse button is down, drag in the direction you want to size the window. Release the mouse button when the window is the size you want. You can also size a program window using the keyboard. Again, the program window has to be at some inbetween size to start with. And you ll always begin the process from the program window s taskbar button. Here are the steps:
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// Instantiate a narrow descriptor TBuf8<5> small(_L8("SMALL")); // Instantiate a wide descriptor TBuf16<5> large(_L16("LARGE")); // Copy the contents of the narrow descriptor into the wide descriptor large.Copy(small); // large now contains "SMALL"
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Module A
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xC (X(1 - x)) - x x - B-(X(1x))D (X(l - z)) and: x(z) = Z(l~Po) Z[c-(X(1 - 2)) - l]B (X(l Z - B-(X(1 - Z))W(X(l-
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All the editable modeling types offer the ability to work with subobjects. Subobjects are the elements that make up the model and can include vertices, edges, faces, polygons, and elements. These individual subobjects can be selected and transformed just like normal objects using the transformation tools located on the main toolbar. But, before you can transform these subobjects, you need to select them. You can select subobjects only when you re in a particular subobject mode. Each editable object type has a different set of subobjects.
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