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When fat is just hot enough to make a drop of water sizzle, pour in eggs. Cook over low heat, stirring gently from time to time as the eggs coagulate. Lift portions of coagulated egg so uncooked egg can run underneath. Too much stirring breaks up eggs into very small particles. Do not let the eggs brown. Keep heat low. 7. When eggs are set but still soft and moist, remove from heat. Turn out onto plate or into steam table pan.
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Security Engineering: A Guide to Building Dependable Distributed Systems
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Procedures for making these soups are not complicated. Most of them are made simply by simmering vegetables in stock until done. But care and attention to details are still necessary for producing a high-quality soup. Start with a clear, avorful stock or broth. This is one reason it s important to be able to make stocks that are clear, not cloudy. Select vegetables and other ingredients whose avors go well together. Don t just throw in everything you ve got. Judgment, combined with experience, must be used to create a pleasing combination. Five or six vegetables are usually enough. More than that often makes a jumble. 3. Cut vegetables uniformly. Neat, careful cutting means uniform cooking and attractive appearance. Sizes of cuts are important, too. Pieces should be large enough to be identi able but small enough to eat conveniently with a spoon. 4. 5. Cooking vegetables slowly in a little butter before combining with liquid improves their avor and gives the soup a mellower, richer taste. Cook starches such as grains and pasta separately and add to the soup later. Cooking them in the soup makes it cloudy. Potatoes are sometimes cooked directly in the soup, but they should be rinsed of excess starch after cutting if you want to keep the soup as clear as possible. 6. Observe differences in cooking times. Add long-cooking vegetables rst, short-cooking vegetables near the end. Some vegetables, like tomatoes, should be added to the hot soup only after it is removed from the re. 7. Don t overcook. Some cooks feel that soups must be simmered a long time to extract avors into the liquid. But you should already have done this when you made the stock! Vegetables in soup should be no more overcooked than vegetable side dishes, especially as the soup will probably spend a longer time in the steam table.
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The completed update query is shown in Figure 18.34. Notice the similarities between this query and the select queries discussed in 4. In fact, the only indication that qryUpdateRetailPrices is an update query is the presence of the Update To row in the QBE grid.
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The creation of all default Max objects, such as primitive spheres, shapes, lights, and cameras, starts with the Create panel (or the Create menu, which leads to the Create panel). This panel is the first in the Command Panel, indicated by an icon of an arrow pointing to a star. Of all the panels in the Command Panel, only the Create panel (shown in Figure 6-1) includes both categories and subcategories. After you click the Create tab in the Command Panel, seven category icons are displayed. From left to right, they are Geometry, Shapes, Lights, Cameras, Helpers, Space Warps, and Systems. The Create panel is the place you go to create objects for the scene. These objects could be geometric objects like spheres, cones, and boxes or other objects like lights, cameras, or Space Warps. The Create panel contains a huge variety of objects. To create an object, you simply need to find the button for the object that you want to create, click it, click in one of the viewports, and voil instant object. After you select the Geometry button (which has an icon of a sphere on it), a dropdown list with several subcategories appears directly below the category icons. The first available subcategory is Standard Primitives. After you select this subcategory, several text buttons appear that enable you to create some simple primitive objects.
money manager I know says that in over 25 years of meeting with clients and prospective clients, he routinely asks people about their prior investments. He estimates that most earned about 7 percent annually during a time when the stock market was appreciating by about 16 percent annually. Investors wasted a lot of money on tax shelters, limited partnerships, market timing, and all the other fads of the past few decades. Many bought the latest hot investments at their price peaks. Some were scared out of stock investments by the many professional bears who get a lot of media attention but rarely were right. The people this money manager talks to either are above average investors or don t report their investment experience accurately, because 7 percent annual returns exceed those found in the studies that reviewed actual results. The main reasons for this poor performance generally are market timing and fad following, which are the same thing for most individual investors. The average investor apparently follows current market trends and headlines when making investment decisions. As a result, most investors buy high and sell low. They buy what has done the best recently, usually just as those assets are peaking in price. Then they hold these assets until they decline in price. The result is poor returns. There is no reason for retirees and pre-retirees to earn low investment returns. To earn higher returns, investors first need to review the strategies commonly followed by individuals and to understand the shortcomings of those strategies. Then, a more appropriate and profitable investment plan can be developed. Developing an investment plan before making any investments is a key to success. Most investors suffer either because they don t have investment plans or they follow plans based on bad advice. The investment advice given to retirees and pre-retirees usually falls into one of three categories. We ll look at them in detail, then develop a fourth, more profitable approach.
10 VBA Programming Fundamentals 11 Mastering VBA Data Types and Procedures 12 The Access Event Model 13 Accessing Data with VBA Code 14 Debugging Your Access Applications 15 Using Access Data Macros
Copying the information from the example in Figure 18.5 won t work. You have to provide the information for your own e-mail account as provided by your ISP or mail service provider.
Exception: A few vegetables, such as avocados and tomatoes, are tender enough to be pur ed raw. Whether or not they are cooked depends on the individual vegetable and the desired use for the pur e.
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