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Double-click the icon of the project you want to open. DVD Maker opens with all of the videos and pictures you added. Any customization settings you chose before saving the project are still intact. If you just want to burn another copy of the DVD, click the Next button and then click Burn. If you want to change things before burning a DVD, use the same tools you used when creating the initial project: To change the Disc title, use the Disc Title box near the bottom of the program window. To change how the video plays, use the Options link near the bottom of the program window. Click Add items to add more items to the DVD. To remove a video from the DVD, click it and then click Remove Items. To reposition an item, click it and use the up and down arrows in the toolbar to move it up or down. n To delete or rearrange pictures in a slide show, double-click the Slide Show folder and use the Remove Items and arrow buttons to make changes. Then click the Back to Videos button (just to the right of the arrow buttons). n n n n n
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You can print any picture, or group of pictures, right from the Explorer bar, provided that you re in My Pictures, Shared Pictures, or a subfolder of either of those. First, get to the folder that contains the pictures you want to print and perform these steps: 1. Open your My Pictures folder, or navigate to the folder that contains the pictures you want to print. 2. Optionally, if you want to print one, or a few pictures, select their icons using any technique described under Selecting Files and Folders in 14. 3. In the Explorer bar, under Picture Tasks, click Print pictures. The first page of the Photo Printing Wizard opens. Click the Next button. 4. The Picture Selection page of the wizard opens, with all pictures selected (checked) to be printed. If there are any pictures in the folder that you don t want to print, clear their check marks. Then, click Next. 5. On the next wizard page, choose the printer you want to use (if you have multiple printers). If you re looking for high quality, click the Printing Preferences button and choose a good paper and quality setting, as in Figure 37-9. Then, click OK.
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212See Ong (1999), p. 126, for more details on his derivation of this equation pp. 132 134. 213See Ong (1999), p. 127.
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Icings or frostings (the two terms mean the same thing) are sweet coatings for cakes and other baked goods. Icings have three main functions: 1. 2. 3. They improve the keeping qualities of the cake by forming a protective coating around it. They contribute avor and richness. They improve appearance. There are six basic kinds of icings: Fondant Buttercream Foam-type icing Fudge-type icing Flat-type icing Royal or decorator s icing
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Finally, the computational model may be prohibitively large due to the complexity of the problem at hand so as to preclude a direct use of the solution techniques. A low-level description is often out of the question due to the sheer size of the model and the error-prone process of creating it by hand. What is needed are techniques allowing for a compact or high-level representation of the lower-level model to be analyzed. Usually the higher-level representation languages are referred to as specification techniques and come with paradigms providing application specific structures that can be of help to practitioners. Two primary methods to deal with large models:
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If the folder you re viewing at the moment contains any subfolders, you can open a subfolder just by clicking or double-clicking its icon. When you do, the title bar (and taskbar button) change to show the name of the folder you re currently viewing. The contents of that folder then appear in the main pane. Some of the options in the Explorer bar might change, too, to provide options that are more relevant to the kinds of files contained within the current folder. For example, while viewing the contents of your My Documents folder, you ll see icons for the My Music and My Pictures folders that are contained within My Documents. If you click (or double-click) the icon for your My Music folder, the Explorer bar will change, showing a new set of options titled Music Tasks. Those options include things like Play All (to play all the songs in the folder) and Copy to Audio CD (to make a CD from the songs in the folder). Clicking the Back button would then take you back to your My Documents folder. Opening your My Pictures folder from there would display the contents of your My Pictures folder. The Music Tasks options are replaced by Picture Tasks options such as View as slide show, Print this picture, and other things that are relevant only to pictures.
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Security Engineering: A Guide to Building Dependable Distributed Systems
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where ELP = Expected loss of a portfolio of n credits. However, when measuring unexpected loss at the portfolio level, we need to consider the effects of diversification because as always in portfolio theory only the contribution of an asset to the overall portfolio risk matters in a portfolio context. In its most general form, we can define the unexpected loss of a portfolio ULP as:
Pinker (1997, p. 404). Angier (2001, p. 38). Goodenough (1998, p. 47). Rue (2000, p. 80). Quoted in McLuhan (1994, p. 177). Ibid., p. 240.
The 802.11 standard
Improved XRef interfaces
Identi cation: Crisp, juicy root vegetables in the mustard family, with a peppery
Regardless of the method you use to get icons into the CD s folder, keep in mind that any dimmed icons with down-pointing arrows are files that are in limbo so to speak. They haven t actually been written to the CD yet; they re just waiting to be written. For example, in Figure 15-8 the four icons at the bottom of the list are folders I just dragged into the CD folder from the ClipArt folder shown in the same figure. Those four items haven t actually been burned to the CD yet. All the icons above those four are already on the CD-RW. But getting back to this general method, once the files to be written to the CD are in that CD folder, the rest of the process is exactly the same. When you re ready to go, just click Write these files to CD under CD Writing Tasks in the Explorer bar, and follow the instructions presented by the CD Writing Wizard.
Most agile methods attempt to minimize risk by developing software in short timeboxes, called iterations, which typically last one to four weeks.2
(97) (98)
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