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In much the same vein, alkylation of bromoketone (26) with amine [30) (obtained by reductive ami nation of the corresponding ketone) affords aminoketone (21). Catalytic reduction leads to medroxaiol (32) , The methyl group on a sulfoxide interestingly proves sufficiently acidic to substitute for phenolic hydroxyl. The preparation of this combined a- and 3-blocker, suifinalol6, begins by protection of the phenolic hydroxyl as its benzoate ester (34). Bromination (35) followed by
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166 Appendix: Bankrate Form Letters
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may amuse . . . It s when the extinct soul talks, and the earlier consciousness airs itself, that the pitfalls multiply and the cheap way has to serve. I speak in general, I needn t keep insisting, and I speak grossly, summarily, by rude and provisional signs, in order to suggest my sentiment at all.1
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Ingredients Butter or butter and shortening Sugar Salt Eggs Pastry our Yield U.S 1 lb Metric 500 g 6 oz 180 g 0.12 oz (1 4 tsp) 4g 4.5 oz 1 lb 8 oz 3 lb 2 oz 140 g 750 g 1574 g Percentage 67% 1. 25% 0.5% 19% 100% 211% 2. 3. 4.
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instance, if the bank offers an index fund, it should by definition of the product keep exactly the risks that are contained in the index and should not try to manage, for example, the systematic part of the constituent stocks. See Allen and Santomero (1996), p. 21. 172If the bank has superior skills in transferring some assets, this is considered to be a competitive advantage in this situation, but not as described in the previous point. 173Individual investors lack specific knowledge relative to banks. 174Some level of diversification of specific risk of credits must be valuable to shareholders. Otherwise, they would hold, for example, (corporate) loans directly. 175See Winton (2000). 176Winton (2000), p. 2, shows that pure diversification in credit portfolios into areas where the bank does not have these superior screening and monitoring skills can result in an increase in the bank s probability of failure. 177See Mason (1995), p. 9. 178A conservative financial policy is considered to be an alternative to the other instruments of risk management. See Tufano (1996), p. 1112.
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