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Setting up your e-mail account
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In an abrupt about-face, the market started to retreat and the boom that defined the New Economy gave way, thankfully, to the old economy where earnings and cash flow mattered. The market slid down the slippery slope of a boom unraveling. The economy slowed, discretionary income dipped, and suspicions about inflated valuations increased. Start-ups swirled toward cash-constrained positions and established companies lost their pumped-up values. Many Internet companies began to trade at a discount to the cash on their balance sheet. 9/11 devastated the economy and morale, and the economy petered into a major correction. As investors and companies adjusted to the new market, issues in accounting and disclosure dominated the headlines. The understanding that the system was broken was almost ubiquitous. Prompted to action, the government stepped in.
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22 Managing Print Jobs
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Loop Technology Alternatives NAM E Asymmetric DSL CHARACTERISTICS 1.5 8 Mbps downstream, 64 800 Kbps upstream, simultaneous data and analog voice
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Shift Happens: Predicting Surprises
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Choose View Current View Show only useful conversations to filter out messages you haven t marked as Useful. Repeat that menu sequence to bring non-useful messages back out
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1. When coaching team leaders, rst have them ll out the TEAM Survey and tabulate the Individual TEAM Scoring Sheet. What color is this person s team from his perspective What strategies are needed to help it grow to the next stage of development 2. Consider having each team member anonymously submit to you their TEAM Surveys and tabulate the Group TEAM Scoring Sheet. Present the results to your coaching client and compare these results with his own perspective of the team s development. Create an action plan based on the strategies that match the team s development and set a date six months in the future to resurvey the team and measure their progress. 3. Help your client pick a person who can act as a spotter for the group. A team spotter helps keep meetings on track and assists in facilitating team interaction. At the end of a meeting the spot168
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1. Combine the ingredients for the spice rub. (Note: The quantities given are enough to mildly spice the meat. For a spicier product, double the quantities.) 2. Rub the spices over both sides of the steaks to lightly but evenly coat them. 3. Refrigerate for 1 hour or longer. 4. Grill or broil until medium done. Minimum safe internal temperature is 155 F or 68 C (see p. 29). 5. Cut into thin slices across the grain.
In this section, messages and events are speci ed as well as how they are stored and handled within objects.
(5) Active Scheduler calls RunL() on the active object to handle the event RunL() resubmits another request or stops the Active Scheduler RunL() cannot be pre-empted
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