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Shut Up, Stop Whining, and Get a Life
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1. Browse to the page that you want to make your new default home page. 2. Click the arrow on the Home button, shown near the mouse pointer in Figure 17.8, and choose Add or Change Home Page.
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Figure 36.1 illustrates how the terms client and server are used when considering a computer system as a whole. A client may be physically located near the server computer, or it may be very distant and accesses the server through the Internet. An application is a program running locally on a client computer. The application performs the operation of connecting the client computer to a server computer. The server computer can be somewhere on the local network or located on the Internet. Figure 36.2 and Figure 36.3 show two different applications. From these figures, it s not clear exactly where the data displayed on the forms is stored. When properly implemented, the user is unaware of whether the data is stored locally or remotely in a server application. The data could be sourced from SQL Server or SharePoint, or it could be more local as linked tables in a back-end Access database file, or contained entirely within the current .accdb file.
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proposal de ned the problem differently than their competitors had, and they showed how the clients could achieve their objectives faster, with less cost, and with a higher probability of success than the original system overhaul plan. The client accepted the logic of the sellers scaled-down proposal and hired them to do the work. The winning team s effort to understand and verify the real problem led straight to a high-margin sale. Whether a client wants a professional development program, needs to integrate the operation of a new merger partner, or seeks to enhance company security, the services sale is a response to some kind of challenge. Buyers routinely tell you what they want to do and then ask, Can you help In response, many sellers listen patiently until they hear that question, then launch into a sales presentation. The rush to talk about your services forces you to promote how you can help before you are clear on why the client needs that help. As soon as the conversation turns to how, sellers fall right into their comfort zones talking about their services. If you nd yourself discussing how to solve a problem before you are certain of its cause, take a deep breath and start over. Shifting into sales mode before you understand a problem s source will lead to trouble down the road. First, you may commit the unforgivable sin of the services sales: offering an incomplete solution or, worse, the wrong one. If a buyer says, We need a series of training programs to boost plummeting customer satisfaction, for example, some sellers will obligingly head off and design the program. But what if the problem is due to internal miscommunication or poor information systems support, not lack of training If the real culprit emerges after you suggest an unsuitable solution, you lose credibility and damage the client relationship. And it won t matter one bit if the client agreed with your initial, awed assessment of the problem. You will still have a lot of explaining to do.
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Read Stop Previous, current, aloud reading next page
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Crab, Shrimp, or Lobster Louis
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Sharing Resources on a LAN
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You can save the completed table design by choosing File Save or by clicking the Save button in the Quick Access toolbar in the upper-left corner of the Access environment. If you re saving the table for the first time, Access asks for its name. Table names can be up to 64 characters long and follow standard Access object-naming conventions they may include letters and numbers, cannot begin with a number, and can t include punctuation. You can also save the table when you close it. If you ve saved this table before and you want to save it with a different name, choose
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Per serving: Calories, 640; Protein, 27 g; Fat, 59 g (83% cal.); Cholesterol, 185 mg; Carbohydrates, 0 g; Fiber, 0 g; Sodium, 410 mg.
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Across the top of the Print Preview window are several buttons and other controls. As always, you can point to any one of them to see its name. If the page has multiple frames, and you only want to print the frame in which you clicked, press Alt+F or choose Only the selected frame from the Select Content drop-down menu. If you selected specific content to print first, choose As selected on screen to see only that content. To get a close-up view of how the printed page will look, click the View Full Width button or press Alt+W. If it looks like you re likely to have problems with text being cut off at the right margin, choose Shrink to Fit from the Choose Print Size drop-down list. To adjust margins, first click the View Full Page button or press Alt+1. You ll see little lines and arrows around the corners of the page. Drag those in the directions indicated by the arrows to adjust the margins. Or, click the Page Setup button and Left, Top, Right, and Bottom margins in inches. Then click OK. At the bottom left of the Print Preview window, use the arrows to scroll through pages. Depending on how many pages there are, use the Show Multiple Pages button to zoom out and see how multiple pages will look when printed. When you re happy with the way things look in Print Preview, click the Print button near the upper-left corner. The Print dialog box opens. There you can still choose a page range, Paper/Quality, or other printing features before clicking the Print button to print.
3 Internal processes
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It has been shown that the transition probability matrix P in Eq. (4.28) is nearly completely decomposable so that Courtois s method could be applied. We now investigate the lumpability error induced for the same partition with respect to approximate lumpability as defined in Eq. (4.26). To calculate the lumpability error, we first let I = 0, J = 1 and denote with EIJ the inner sum:
ne of the coolest things I ve ever seen done with pop-up windows is a gallery wall (or in context, a gallery screen). If you re an artist, this is an ideal way to showcase your work online. Figure 17.1 (CP 25) shows the pop-up window, and Figure 17.2 (CP 26) shows the gallery wall created when the user clicks the pop-up.
evitably have an effect every year. These consensus estimates gave Orange Foods a safety net to deal with unforeseen circumstances. On January 29, 2002, the company announced Q4 01 EPS a penny better than the range with which they were comfortable on January 10. They reiterated conservative guidance for the March quarter, all of fiscal 2002, and fiscal 2003 despite pressure from the sell-side to raise guidance. Analyst E maintained the market perform but on valuation only, cited 30.2x the 2002 estimate, and wrote, Because Orange Foods is accelerating its unit growth, margins may be under pressure, creating slightly above average risk regarding negative EPS surprises. Analyst C maintained the Buy. Estimates for 2002 look conservative. We believe our 02 estimate of $0.82 is conservative by at least 5%. Therefore, we continue to believe that EPS estimates will continue to be upwardly revised. But he did not raise his estimate, which was key. He followed management s guidance, so he and his firm were positioned to look good. He had a Buy, and he would look great if the company increased earnings. Analyst A maintained the Buy Rating, arguing for 30x 2003 $1.01 estimate. And then another nation was heard from. From a research firm with no investment banking that, in an effort to gain credibility, only carried Buy or Sell recommendations, Analyst F recommended a Sell. He wrote, and this is a Sell recommendation mind you, We believe there is minimal earnings risk to the story but the valuation is high. Shares have rocketed back to 30x consensus. We continue to be a believer in the long term prospects of the company but would wait for a more attractive entry point. Victory for IR and management. For the first time in awhile, Orange Foods felt it had nothing to worry about with The Street. They d kept expectations low, left behind their traditional make a quarter, miss a quarter pattern, and kept several arrows in the quiver, meaning there was a good chance guidance would increase in the future. Instead of blindly communicating aggressive guidance at the beginning of the year, management would start off lower, and as the year went on and results came in, only then would they raise guidance, and only when they were sure. This approach would reduce risk materially and attract investor (continued)
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