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In addition to Flash files, the Assets panel automatically stores Shockwave files, Movie files, and Scripts. All of these assets work the same way. When you add any of these multimedia assets to your pages, Dreamweaver automatically stores them in the corresponding assets panel. If you want to add a multimedia asset to a new page, simply open the Assets panel, choose the Asset type by clicking the appropriate icon on the left side of the
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Ingredients Balsamic vinegar Rosemary, dried Dried black-eyed peas Olive oil Lemon juice Salt Pepper Olive oil Garlic cloves, chopped Swiss chard, greens only (reserve the thick stalks for another use) Cayenne Salt Pepper Quail Salt Pepper Oil Balsamic vinegar Red Bell Pepper Coulis (p. 189)
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The Care of Wounds
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The idea that the course of history was determined long ago is a central theme of the book of Daniel and of other apocalypses as well. Daniel 7 is set during the reign of Belshazzar, the last king of Babylonia, when three of the four world empires are still in the future. Of course for the author of Daniel and his contemporaries the second and third empires were in the past, and the fourth had run much of its course. The accuracy of the details the author was thus able to insert into Daniel s visions of what still lay ahead from the point of view of the narrative encouraged readers respect for the portion of the visions that predicted events that lay in the future even from the author s point of view. So too in the roughly contemporary Book of Dreams (1 Enoch 83 90) Enoch has a vision of history from its beginning until the author s own time in the middle of the second century BCE. The accurate account of biblical history still in the future from Enoch s point of view serves to inspire trust in his vision of the end. The same technique appears in many apocalypses that concern themselves with history such as the Apocalypse of Weeks in the Epistle of Enoch, discussed later in this chapter, and 4 Ezra, discussed in the next chapter. The use of animal imagery in Daniel s vision of the four kingdoms is also part of a wider phenomenon, although elsewhere the animals are more ordinary and true to life than those of Daniel 7. The second vision of Daniel (Daniel 8) depicts the conflict of the Greeks and the Persians as a battle between a he-goat and a great ram; the only features of these animals that do not correspond to nature are strange horns that reflect the history of the two kingdoms. The vision of history in the Book of Dreams represents individual human beings as animals. The type of animal and its color indicate the character of the human being it represents. Before the Flood, all human beings are represented as cattle, but the descendants of Seth are white cattle while the descendants of Cain are black. The angels who descend to earth take the form of bulls, that is, male human beings, so as to be able to mate with cows, female human beings. The offspring of these bulls, the giants of the Book of the Watchers, are not cattle but camels, elephants, and asses. After the Flood, humanity divides into the ancestors of Israel and the gentiles. Noah is a white bull who becomes a man; his three
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You can select many subobjects at once by dragging an outline over them in the viewports. You can also select and deselect vertices by holding down the Ctrl key while clicking them. Holding down the Alt key removes any selected vertices from the selection set. After selecting several vertices, you can create a named selection set by typing a name in the Name Selection Sets drop-down list in the main toolbar. You can then copy and paste these selection sets onto other shapes using the buttons in the Selection rollout. The Lock Handles option allows you to move the handles of all selected vertices together when enabled, but each handle moves by itself when disabled. With the Lock Handles and the All options selected, all selected handles move together. The Alike option causes all handles on one side to move together.
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Choose File Print in the main Access window (with a report highlighted in the Navigation Pane). Choosing File Print opens the standard Print dialog box. You use this dialog box to select the print range, number of copies, and print properties. Click the Print button on the Print Preview tab of the Access ribbon. Clicking the Print button in the Access ribbon immediately sends the report to the default printer without displaying a Print dialog box.
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to USysApplicationLog anytime you want from a data macro. The only field in USysApplicationLog that can be written using LogEvent is Description, a memo type field. The other fields in USysApplicationLog (Category, Context, DataMacroInstanceID, ErrorNumber, ObjectType, and SourceObject) are provided by the macro itself.
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Note that a state in is a function f . Therefore, the attribute is computed by function application, whereas the method gives a new function that reacts to a sequence s of inputs exactly as f would react to the appending of i to s. Having turned the set of observations AI into a co-algebra itself, it is not surprising that every state of a machine p can be mapped into its behaviors in a well-behaved way. In other words:
4. From the drop-down list at the top of the interface, select the Pick Texture option. The Material/Map Browser opens. Double-click on the Bitmap option, and select the Oregon or bust.tif image from the Chap 26 directory on the DVD. The texture appears in the window. 5. Drag the mouse over all the vertices for the lower half of the wagon s cover, and press the Delete key to delete all those vertices. This represents the half of the top that won t be painted. 6. Then select all the remaining vertices, and with the Move tool, drag them to the center of the Edit UVWs window. Click and hold over the Scale tool, and select the Vertical Scale tool. Then drag in the window to vertically scale the vertices until they fit over the texture. Then horizontally scale the vertices slightly until the background texture is positioned within the wagon s top. Figure 26-8 shows the covered wagon with the mapped bitmap.
(in the case of UML these will typically be de ned as metamodels which are subsets of the UML metamodels or variants of them, e.g., metamodels of older versions of UML). A transformation then describes which models M1 of L1 correspond to (transform to) which models M2 of L2 . Let ModelsL be the set of models that interpret the language (metamodel) L. The elements of ModelsL are all structures M which have interpretations M.T for each data type T of M, including a set M.E (of object identi ers) for each metaclass E of L, and functions fM : M.E M.T for each metafeature f : T speci ed for instances of E in L. The structures M should contain no other additional elements not speci ed in L, and should satisfy any logical properties de ned for L. We may simply write M: L instead of M: ModelsL . fM (e) is usually written as e.fM . A model transformation from language L1 to language L2 can therefore be expressed as a relation Rel : ModelsL1 ModelsL2 For example, consider the minimal language L of Figure 14.1. Models M of this language consist of collections M.Entity of entities; each e : M.Entity has e.nameM : M.String. Consider a reexpression transformation (p: M.String) on this language, which pre xes a particular string p to each entity name in the model. We could de ne this rst on an individual entity of the source model: Rel (p,e) (M1, M2) M1.Entity = M2.Entity e : M1.Entity e.nameM2 = p + _ + e.nameM1 e : M1.Entity e = e = e .nameM2 = e .nameM1 This transforms one entity of M1 into the form required.
Stirring is a form of mechanical convection. Thick liquids cannot circulate as quickly as thin ones, so the rate of natural convection is slower.This explains, in part, why it is so easy to scorch thick soups and sauces.The heat is not carried away from the bottom of the pan quickly enough, so it stays concentrated on the bottom and scorches the food. Stirring redistributes the heat and helps prevent this. (Using heavy pots made of a material that conducts heat well also helps prevent scorching because the pot conducts the heat more quickly and evenly across the bottom and up the sides.) Convection is the process that carries the heat from the heat source to the food. Once the carrier of the heat (air or liquid) comes in contact with the food, the heat is transferred from the carrier to the food by conduction.
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