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WHAT S WRONG WITH MEETINGS What does your gut tell you about meetings in your organization If your organization is like most organizations, the majority of meetings are a waste of time. Meeting experts have determined that approximately 53 percent of all the time spent in meetings is unproductive, worthless, and of little consequence. While this is bad news in itself, when you consider that most businesspeople spend at least 25 percent of their working hours in meetings, with upper management spending more than double that time in meetings, you can see that bad meetings are a real recipe for organizational disaster. But why do so many meetings go so wrong, and is there something you can do to fix them within your organization In our book Better
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Getting Started, Getting Secure
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ready established X SPORTS retail stores in the prime markets such as Times Square, Universal CityWalk, Beverly Center, Mall of America, and the upcoming Las Vegas Fashion Show Mall, and Eaton Centre in Toronto, Oxford Street in London, and the Alstadt District of D sseldorf. We plan to open only three additional locations in 2004. Third, we have no plans to directly expand our international business into new markets. We will continue to support our existing subsidiaries and focus on bringing each subsidiary s expenses in line with its sales. Lastly, we plan on creating a more efficient business in part by looking at our overall expense structure line item by line item. We believe the majority of our programs will be implemented by year-end 2003. For the most part, the cost saving effects of the plan will have little or negative impact in the fourth quarter, but will better position us for 2004 and beyond. Again, realigning the Company should allow us to continue to design and develop quality footwear and partner with quality licensees; support our existing initiatives in a more efficient manner; grow our recently established ventures to their potential; and remain competitive in the marketplace. While our focus for the near term is on containing costs and maintaining our position, we do see several opportunities for growth within set initiatives that will require little or no additional capital investment. These include: international, licensing, and recently launched lines. In regards to our international business: We began directly handling our product in Germany in 2000 when we saw the opportunity to grow our international sales. Shortly thereafter, we established direct operations in the United Kingdom and France, and today, through eight subsidiaries, we handle the marketing, sales and distribution of our footwear in 12 European countries plus Canada. We have made progress in many of these markets, but are most pleased with our position in our first subsidiary, Germany, where we have seen our orders for first quarter 2004 up double digits over last year for the same period. With the introduction of new lines internationally, we have the opportunity to grow our subsidiary business, and are looking to do so in a strategic and controlled fashion. Our recently opened stores in the Alstadt District of D sseldorf and Kalverstraat Street in Amsterdam, along with existing stores in Toronto, London, Manchester and Paris, will further build the brand in these markets. Furthermore, we believe that our international sales will also be positively impacted by superstar Anna Amazing, our new international spokesperson for our women s lines. The first ads with Miss Amazing in our X SPORTS Star sneakers are appearing in international fashion and lifestyle magazines this month in conjunction with her sold-out European tour.
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Olive Garden
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Therapy to replace diminishing hormones such as estrogen became a wellaccepted technique in the 1990s. Premarin, the synthetic version of the female sex hormone estrogen, is the most widely prescribed drug in North America, with about 50 million prescriptions written every year. Other hormones are being used in replacement therapy as well. But estrogen replacement therapy is not for all women, and there is continuing debate as to whether it is advisable at all. There is a debatable association between estrogen replacement therapy and cancer in North American women, particularly breast cancer and, to a lesser degree, cancer of the ovaries and uterus. The risk of cancer can be mitigated by using the lowest effective dose possible. Estrogen users are less likely to get Alzheimer s disease, osteoporosis and heart disease. There is mounting evidence that natural forms of hormones are safer over the long haul. Natural estrogen is not only safe, but it actually protects against breast cancer. Three different estrogens are produced by the female body: estrone, estradiol and estriol. Estrone is the strongest, estradiol is somewhat weaker and estriol the weakest. Stronger estrogens are believed to be more apt to stimulate tumor growth; therefore, you should steer away from them.
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With a Target object name selected in the Morph Targets list, you can drag the Time Slider to a frame and set a Morph key by clicking the Create Morph Key button found at the bottom of the rollout. This option sets the number of frames used to interpolate among the different morph states.
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