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Editing splines and shapes Working with spline subobjects Using spline modifiers
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Last year people were making fun of SOA, saying it stood for Seriously Over Advertised. Now they re talking about SOA as a way to grow their businesses.
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The Windows XP Help and Support Center provides help for Windows XP only. There are tens of thousands of other programs on the market for which the Help and Support Center provide no information whatsoever. If you want help with some other program, you have to use the Help that s written for that program. Virtually all programs have a Help option in their menu bar, as in the example shown in Figure 4-6.
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Ingredients Sugar Eggs, Whole Egg yolks Salt Corn syrup Water Vanilla Hot water Cake our Baking powder Yield: U.S. 11 oz 10 oz 2 oz 0.25 oz (11 4 tsp) 1.5 oz 1 oz 1 tsp 4 oz 11 oz 1 tsp 2 lb 8 oz Metric 325 300 65 7 45 30 5 g g g g (7 mL) g g mL Percentage 100% 90% 20% 2% 14% 10% 1.5% 36% 100% 1.5% 375%
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The Windows Help and Support Center and Microsoft Knowledge Base offer many printer-related help topic pages. To view those: 1. Click the Start button and choose Help and Support. 2. Type Print Troubleshootprint in the Search box, and press Enter. 3. Scroll through all the links under Suggested Topics, Full-text Search Matches, and Microsoft Knowledge Base. Click on any topic that describes the problem you re experiencing for help in the main pane to the right.
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There are many reasons for moving and copying files. If you ve been saving files in a willy-nilly manner, you may want to move them around into folders that make more sense so they re easier to find. Or, if end up with hundreds or thousands of files in a folder and you get sick of looking through all their names, you might want to create some subfolders. Then move some of those files into subfolders. If you have a bunch of files on external disks, you may want to copy them to your hard disk where they re easier to get to and work with. Or, if you need to send someone some files and they don t have e-mail, you might want to copy some files to an external disk to put in the mail. Then again, you may want to copy some files to an external disk as backups, just in case some mishap damages the copy on your hard disk. Whatever your reason for moving or copying files, the techniques are the same. First, understand that there is a difference between moving and copying. The words mean the same things they do in English. When you move a file from one place to another, you still have only one copy of the file. It s just in the new location rather than the old location. When you copy a file, you end up with two copies: the original in the original location and an exact copy in the new location. Moving and copying usually involves two locations. They may be two different folders in the same drive, or two entirely different drives. But that doesn t really matter because one location is always the source. The other location is the target or destination. Here s the difference: n Source: The drive and/or folder that contains the files you want to move or copy (the from drive and/or folder). n Destination or target: The drive and/or folder to which you want to move or copy files (the to drive and/or folder). The source can be any folder on your hard disk, a floppy disk, a Zip disk, a thumb drive, a memory card, or a CD. The same is true for the destination in most cases, though copying files to CDs and DVDs requires methods that are different from those described in this chapter, as you ll discover in 32.
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Match the Input Gamma value to the Display Gamma value so that bitmaps loaded for textures are displayed correctly.
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in another jurisdiction). The new digital system is less likely to degrade gracefully under attack than its analogue predecessor. Second, there will be new kinds of service denial attacks (as well as the traditional ones involving gearbox sensors, fuses, and so on). A truck driver can easily destroy his smartcard by feeding it with mains electricity; and under the regulations, he will be allowed to drive for 15 days while waiting for a replacement. As static electricity destroys maybe 1 percent of cards a year anyway, it would be hard to prosecute drivers for doing this. Similar card-destruction attacks have been perpetrated on bank smartcard systems in France and elsewhere, to force systems back into less robust fallback modes of operation. Third, some of the cards in the system (notably the workshop and calibration cards used to set up the instruments) are very powerful. They can be used to erase evidence of wrongdoing and to restore a tachograph to a virgin state. A black market in them is likely, and they may become valuable enough for it to be worth someone s while to forge them. As a result of this problem, plus some other technical concerns, the Tachosmart system is being redesigned to use public key cryptography rather than universal master secrets in the cards and vehicle units. A particularly difficult problem turns out to be key management. This is a general problem with security systems involving vehicles not just tachographs and similar devices such as taximeters, but even such simple devices as car-door locks and the PIN codes used to protect car radios against theft. If the garage must always be able to override the security mechanisms, and a third of garage mechanics have criminal records, then what sort of secure system do you think you can build
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P r o c e d u r e 1. In a blender or food processor, pur e the olives, capers, anchovies, tuna, mustard, oil, lemon juice, and herbs. Season to taste. 2. Chill the mixture several hours to let the avors blend.
2 Getting Around in Windows XP
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