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36. 37. 38. 39. Watson to Fairchild, March 13, 1919. IBM Archives. Transcript of meeting April 9, 1917. IBM Archives. IBM figures. James W. Cortada, Before the Computer: IBM, NCR, Burroughs, and Remington Rand and the Industry They Created, Princeton University Press, 1993, pp. 80 81. Ibid., p. 82. C-T-R s early engineering work is discussed in a number of places in the books Building IBM by Emerson W. Pugh, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1995; and Cortada s Before the Computer. Ford to Watson, July 1, 1926. IBM Archives. Speech at the Watson Trophy dinner in Endicott, New York, October 26, 1940. Address to the Second C-T-R Executive School, held at the Buckwood Inn, Shawnee-on-Delaware, Pennsylvania, September 20 25, 1920. Meeting notes, May 20, 1921. IBM Archives. January 27, 1921, executive meeting at the Hotel Miami in Dayton, Ohio. IBM Archives. November 13, 1922, meeting in Dayton, Ohio. IBM Archives. November 8, 1922, meeting in Watson s office. IBM Archives. Furlong to Watson, February 16, 1924. IBM Archives.
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Most insurance policies don t cover computer software. So if at all possible, consider keeping your original program CDs in a fireproof safe.
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Notice that the Create New Database option has been selected in this dialog box. Selecting the Use Existing Database option requires an existing SQL Server database as the target of the upsizing process. For the purposes of this demonstration, assume that you re upsizing an Access database to take advantage of the features provided by SQL Server, and you re creating a brand-new SQL Server database to use as the data source for an existing Access application.
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ESP, EFLAGS = add ESP, 8 tv283-(EAX) = mov 0 $L3: (refs=0) Offset: 58(0x003a) EXITBODY ESP = mov EBP EBP, {ESP} = pop [ESP] {ESP} = ret {ESP}, $L10(T) $L5: (refs=1) Offset: 62(0x003e) UNWIND $L10: (refs=1) Offset: 62(0x003e) EXITFUNCTION tv283-(EAX) $L2: (refs=0) Offset: 62(0x003e) END {-4} In the above LIR code, we emphasize the use of 86-speci c registers to represent the operands and the implicit side effects of the instructions. The above IR examples are the visual representation of the IR. In its internal binary representation, the IR is a double-linked list, which makes any insertions into IR or deletions from IR easier. To navigate across the program structure, Phoenix HIR provides the concept of units parts of the program tree. The following categories of units are supported:
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Campus LAN BR WS Site 3 BR Building Relay WS BR WS
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and implementation is provided by each protocol module, not all protocol modules provide all services offered by RHostResolver. Functions return KErrNotSupported if the protocol does not support a given operation. RHostResolver is a subsession of an active socket server session, and a host resolver subsession is opened for a speci c protocol by passing an appropriate identi er.
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33 In general see William V. Harris, War and Imperialism in the Roman Republic, 327 70 B.C. (Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1979; rpt. 2006), and the discussion summarized in Craige B. Champion (ed.), Roman Imperialism: Readings and Sources (Oxford: Blackwell, 2004), 17 67. 34 Winkler, Cinema and the Fall of Rome, 144, sees the emphasis on borders in a positive light: imperial power depends on military power, and military power resides on the borders of the empire an unobtrusive lesson in imperial Roman history.
Daily Value at Risk (VaR)
Tours of Paradise and Hell
where p = X/p. These results hold for p < 1, which is just the ergodicity condition for fork-join queues. Knowing the probabilities of Eq. (10.162), the expected number of jobs in the system is:
RaiseError: The RaiseError macro action passes an error up to the user interface layer. An example is using RaiseError on a BeforeChange event to validate data before it s committed to the database. RaiseError passes an error number and description to the application, adding the error details to USysApplicationLog. ClearMacroError: Once an error has been handled by running the RaiseError macro action or redirecting execution to a named macro, ClearMacroError resets MacroError, the macro error object, and prepares Access for the next error.
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