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5. Expand the Storage category, if necessary, and then click the Disk Management option. The first time you click that option a wizard may pop up. But before I get to that, let s take a look at what the Disk Management tool shows. (This is all taking place in Windows XP {Professional). In Figure 52-6 the top half of the main pane shows the two partitions of the first drive I installed, named C: and DISK1_VOL2 (D:). In the lower half of that main pane, the row labeled Disk 0 represents that same disk drive. Each rectangle shows the relative size of the two partitions, C: and D:, on that disk. The new drive, which I just installed, appears next to Disk 1 in that lower pane. The No sign, and the diagonal lines through the large rectangle, indicate that the drive is recognized, but has not yet been initialized, partitioned, or formatted.
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The query design is shown in Figure 5.20.
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Part VI Animation
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supply plant chemicals, which protect the body's cells and tissues from the cascade of destruction that has been linked to many of our most serious chronic diseases. Still, relatively few North Americans are willing to give up meat altogether. Unless you live in one of the larger cities, you're unlikely to find more than a few (if any) restaurants that devote all or most of their menus to vegetarian dishes. This leaves those restaurant chains, which have stepped up to the plate, little to build on. Many offer just one or two meatless entrees, along with a somewhat greater selection of side dishes.
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HCI: a railway information kiosk changes from a start page, to a page giving train type options and travel Lime input fields, to another page displaying possible train connections, etc. In other words, we design user interfaces along a time dimension as well as along two (or three) spatial dimensions. Therefore, the ordering principle of spatial size has to be expanded into an ordering principle of spatial and temporal expansion. One obvious solution is to put time at the top of the hierarchy, according to the large-scale notion of tasks: In HCI, the designer first thinks about what the complete task looks like, what objects and procedures it contains, and how it can be supported by a series of interactions, or dialogues. Then she goes into detail for each of those steps, designing those shorter dialogues, until each step in the dialogue sequence (or rather graph) is designed with its interaction objects, layout, and spatial geometry. Other ordering principles are possible, for example those that are more oriented toward the design process itself; these issues were discussed in some detail at the INTERACT99 workshop [Borchers et al., 20011.
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Figure 7.16 Stack chives and cut crosswise into very thin slices.
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Income Statement
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Population 80 84 70 74 60 64 50 54 40 44 30 34 20 24 10 14 0 4 5000000 10000000 15000000 20000000 Females 20000000 25000000 20000000 15000000 10000000 25000000 2002 2002 25000000 5000000 0
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15. A collar strategy is a combination of ______________. Answer: B A covered call and a protective put. Discussion: A collar is created around a stock by purchasing a put option and selling a call option. In most cases, both the call and the put will be out-of-the-money. The strategy is similar to the protective put, but the cost of the put is offset with the sale of a call. The collar has limited risks and limited rewards.
Part VI Power Using the Internet
The Attenuation rollout lets you select from one of several Falloff Types. The options include Linear, Inverse Square, Exponential, and Custom Falloff. You can also set values for the Start and End distances. The Custom Falloff type lets you set a graph by adjusting Near, Far, and two Control values. The Basic Material Extensions rollout lets you set the Reflectivity/Opacity Map and its strength. You can also set a Basic Tinting color or map. The Refractive Material Extensions rollout includes settings for specifying the Color Density (Filter color) and Fog.
technology, or the analytic options/techniques available) can be spanned many ways. But it must be spanned. The good news is that access to knowledge is changing. The time associated with retooling a personal competence set has been signi cantly reduced. Take, for example, the work going on at the newly formed Singularity University in Moffett Field, CA.10 A group of visionaries, recognizing the critical role that biotechnology and bioinformatics, nanotechnology, future studies and forecasting, nance and entrepreneurship, and arti cial intelligence, robotics, and cognitive computing will play in the future are creating a series of 10-week, 10-day, and 3-day courses. Singularity University s three-phase program starts with a series of plenary lectures in which students take the same coursework and learn basic principles about the 10 disciplines the institute covers. The second phase consists of a deeper investigation into one of the disciplines; in the third phase, the entire student body collaborates on a team project. Success with business analytics requires crossing boundaries (as they encourage at Singularity University). Analysts need to cross the disciplinary boundaries of analytics statistics, forecasting, operations research and data mining. They also have to work across departmental boundaries. Every discipline in every organization is going to have to come to grips with using and understanding the output of higher-end models, even the sales force. A very senior executive at a very well-known global technology company recently told a group of academics that salespeople and mathematics do not go together. Despite this, or perhaps because of this, this enterprise embarked on a very signi cant business analytics exercise designed to materially improve sales force productivity.
point on the stable side as illustrated in the Nichols chart sketch of Figure 3.31. The requirements that drive the need for a class 2 control system solution are for zero steady state error when following a command signal
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