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If you re proficient in creating SQL queries on your own, you can even create a new query directly in the SQL window. To add new lines to the SQL statement, simply press Enter, or add additional SQL text to the existing statement, while working in the SQL view window.
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For example, if you use an unevaluated product to generate digital signatures, then a forged signature turns up and someone tries to use it against you, you might reasonably expect to challenge the evidence by persuading a court to order the release of full documentation to your expert witnesses. A Common Criteria certificate might make a court very much less ready to order disclosure, and thus could severely prejudice your rights. In fact, agency insiders admit after a few beers that the main issue is confidence that is, getting people to accept systems as secure even when they aren t. A cynic might suggest that this is precisely why, in the commercial world, it s the vendors of products that rely on obscurity and that are designed to transfer liability (such as smartcards), to satisfy due-diligence requirements (such as firewalls) or to impress naive users (such as PC access control products), who are most enthusiastic about the Common Criteria. A really hard-bitten cynic might point out that since the collapse of the Soviet Union, the agencies justify their existence by economic espionage, and the Common Criteria signatory countries provide most of the interesting targets. A false U.S. evaluation of a product that is sold worldwide may compromise 250 million Americans; but as it will also compromise 400 million Europeans and 100 million Japanese, the balance of advantage lies in deception. The balance is even stronger with small countries such as Britain, which has fewer citizens to protect and more foreigners to attack. In addition, agencies get brownie points (and budgets) for foreign secrets they steal, not for local secrets that foreigners didn t manage to steal. An economist, then, is unlikely to trust a Common Criteria evaluation. Perhaps I m one of the cynics, but I tend to view them as being somewhat like a rubber crutch. Such a device has all sorts of uses, from winning a judge s sympathy through wheedling money out of a gullible government to smacking people round the head. (Just don t try to put serious weight on it!) Fortunately, the economics discussed in Section 23.2.1 should limit the uptake of the Criteria to sectors where an official certification, however irrelevant, erroneous, or mendacious, offers some competitive advantage.
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New Feature
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Figure 8-10: Shortcut icons in the All User s Startup folder.
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Understanding how events trigger VBA code
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