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Usability veri cation is also a very important testing activity in a smartphone program. It tries to nd possible logic problems in the product s user interfaces that might cause end-user dissatisfaction in its usage. Although the S60 platform provides UI components that are already usability tested and veri ed, the customer program may still want to change the UI layout. The program needs to decide whether further usability testing is needed or not. If the program ends up deciding that they also need to carry out usability testing as one testing activity, they should also consider what kind of requirements are necessary in the testing environment. The basic environmental requirements in doing proper usability tests are the following: Product prototype to be used by the tester: an isolated room where the tester can use the product in piece and quiet microphones and speakers for hearing the tester speaking and for making possible comments as well as for communicating with the tester a room for observers
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head. Instead of following the typical agency model of staffing directors with junior-level account executives, as we grew our business we grew laterally at the top. We hired strong senior managers, who typically have several years of very senior-level capital markets experience. We shared administrative support and demonstrated that it was possible, if you are willing to roll up your sleeves, to provide a whole new level of advisory service on par with the McKinseys and Bains of the world. An IR program is only as good as the person picking up the phone on behalf of the company, day in and day out. A second imperative for the investor relations industry is that many IROs (if they aren t currently doing so) should change their work processes. They must conduct constant due diligence on a company s financials, strategic initiatives, and competitive posture in exactly the same way as an analyst or portfolio manager with a skeptical, objective eye and a keen sense of risk. They must move through the looking glass between the company and the markets to ask management the hard questions, evaluate the initial answers, and then advise management on the best positioning for a whole myriad of issues that are of concern to the capital markets. In this way the assassins of value, miscommunication, and misunderstanding can be avoided. Also in this way management s understanding of Wall Street is heightened, which is equally as important. We often tell a potential client to think about what it would be like to talk to their most trusted analyst about a deal, an earnings report, or an emergency before they went public with the information. That is the role we fill; that is what superior investor relations and capital markets advisory is all about. At ICR, we ve often brought a whole suite of former analysts or portfolio managers together to puzzle out a complex event or disclosure issue. In our experience, the strategy and solutions that come out of that kind of intellectual capital are of incredible value. Again, that to be forewarned is to be forearmed seems self-evident. Giving management the proper tools is really dependent on the filter through which the investor relations officer views disclosures. Appropriately, that filter is a capital markets viewpoint, facilitated by a process that mimics that of the analyst. The third way in which the IR industry can change is that it must work much harder to develop relationships with The Street. An investor relations advisor must clearly keep his client as the center of his efforts, but the analysts who follow it, the portfolio managers who own it, and the bankers who can help take it to the next level are incredibly important constituencies. They are also, as a rule, people who are overworked and short of patience for yet another phone call. This is not the case if the investor relations officer appreciates their viewpoint, understands their job, and can speak their language. IR s contacts should not be viewed as a replacement for the rela-
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Figure 30-3: Sample HOSTS file with extra advertiser s URLs looped back If you end up with any unexpected, unpleasant side effects after you close and save the file and reboot, you may have to go back and remove or comment out the offending line (another reason why newbies should avoid trying this trick). Hopefully, you won t have to take this
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53 Kbps maximum single connection; 28 40 more typical Yes
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Troubleshooting CDs and DVDs Troubleshooting Searches
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4. The template allows for the flexibility to assign process costs when a triggering event has occurred, such as at order creation or during finished good confirmation. This ability supports process costs being recognized in the period the process actually occurs instead of being recognized only at the completion of an event or order. Therefore, process costs can be included in the calculation of work in process, which most ABC applications do not easily support. Integration, accuracy, analysis, and flexibility are common themes of benefits when considering SAP s integrated ABC. However, these are not the only benefits. The following sections describe other capabilities and benefits. See Exhibit 9.16, provided in the Summary section of this chapter, for a combined list of the benefits of SAP s integrated ABC.
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The Extract Compressed (Zipped) Folders Wizard opens. You can specify where you want to put the extracted files if you like. Or do the easy thing and just accept the suggested location and click Extract. If you use that method, you end up with a new, regular folder with the same name as the compressed folder, as in the example in Figure 15.21. You can delete the Zip file, because you really don t need it anymore. Use the files in the uncompressed folder for whatever you intend to do with them. FIGURE 15.21
18: Advanced Access Query Techniques
In the era of nouvelle cuisine, sauces based on reduced cream became a popular substitute for roux-thickened white sauces. When heavy cream is reduced, it thickens slightly. A common fault with cream reduction sauces is reducing the cream too much, giving it a heavy texture. If it is reduced beyond this point, it is likely to break, and the butterfat will separate.For an appealing,light texture,reduce the cream until it is about two-thirds of its original volume. A reduced cream sauce is a mixture of reduced cream and a concentrated, avorful stock.White stock is most often used, although brown cream sauces may also be prepared using brown stock.For good results,the stock should be reduced by about threefourths.Flavored sauces can be made by reducing the stock with avoring ingredients, as in the recipe for Chipotle Cream Sauce on page 190. Two methods are possible: 1. 2. Reducing the cream to the desired consistency and then adding it to the stock reduction. Adding fresh cream to the stock reduction and reducing the mixture to the desired consistency. Many chefs feel the rst method is more controllable.See the following procedure:
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