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Figure 50-19: The rollout laid out in the Visual MAXScript window 8. With the layout complete, choose File Save (or press Ctrl+S) to save the layout, and then close the Visual MAXScript window. The script code associated with the layout is automatically placed in the editor window. 9. Complete the script by entering the script commands immediately after the open parenthesis that appears on the line following the on createCube pressed do event, as shown in Figure 50-20. Then, copy and paste the code from the file from the Chap 50 directory on the DVD. 10. Open the Utilities panel, and click the MAXScript button. Then click the Run Script button, and select the file from the Chap 50 directory on the DVD. The utility installs and appears in the Utility drop-down list in the MAXScript rollout. 11. Select the BuildCube utility from the drop-down list in the MAXScript rollout, and scroll down the Command Panel to see the Build Cube rollout. Select the sphere object, and click the Create Cube button.
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Even though your CPU and RAM do all the work, they alone don t make up an entire computer system. You need a lot more components to turn those two tiny gadgets into something a human being can use to get work done. For example, you need a hard disk to store an operating system (Windows), programs, and documents. You need a graphics card and monitor to see what s going on, and software to present information on the screen in a manner that makes sense to human beings. You need a mouse and keyboard to control the action, and so forth. You can get more detailed information about all the components that make up your computer system from the System Information program. To open System Information, click the Start button and choose All Programs Accessories System Tools System Information. The System Information window, shown in Figure 56-2, opens.
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34, Working with the Track View, describes these various In/Out curve types.
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But for our purposes it is the ascent itself, and particularly Isaiah s experience among the angels and the righteous dead in the seventh heaven, that are of most interest. As Isaiah and his angelic guide pass through each of the first five heavens, they see an angel seated on a throne with angels on the right and left; the angels on the right are superior to the angels on the left, and the angel on the throne is more glorious than the others. All the angels sing praises to God and his Beloved, who are enthroned in the seventh heaven, but the praise of the angels on the right is superior to the praise of the angels on the left. Each succeeding heaven is more glorious than the one before, and as he ascends, Isaiah undergoes a physical transformation: My face was becoming brighter and brighter as I went up from heaven to heaven (Asc. Isa. 7:25). The sixth heaven marks a new stage of holiness and glory. In the sixth heaven, when Isaiah addresses his angelic guide as lord, the angel responds, I am not your lord but your companion (Asc. Isa. 8:5), just as the angel tells John in the book of Revelation; indeed, according to the angel, no living man has ever seen what Isaiah has seen (Asc. Isa. 8:11). The sixth and seventh heavens are distinguished from the lower heavens by the equality that exists among their angels: there is no throne in the middle, and the angels on the left are equal to the angels on the right. The angelic guide promises Isaiah that when he leaves his body permanently he will be given a garment and will become the equal of the angels of the seventh heaven (Asc. Isa. 8:14 15). When Isaiah and his guide join the praises in the sixth heaven, our praises were like theirs (Asc. Isa. 8:17). Once again, participation in the angelic liturgy is a way of manifesting angelic status. The seventh heaven is even more glorious than the sixth. As he tries to enter the heaven, a voice challenges Isaiah (Asc. Isa. 9:1). But as Isaiah trembles in fear, Christ himself permits his entrance (Asc. Isa. 9:2 5). In the seventh heaven Isaiah finds the righteous dead, stripped of the garments of the flesh in their garments of the world above, and they were like angels, standing there in great glory (Asc. Isa. 9:7, 9). Yet it emerges that the ultimate fate of the righteous will be even more glorious. After Christ has plundered the angel of death and brought the remaining righteous
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