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Traditional Telephone Switch
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You can easily move a program window about the screen just by dragging its title bar. However, you can t start with a maximized or minimized window. You have to get the program window to an in-between size before you even get started. Dialog boxes work the same way. You can t size or minimize a dialog box, and dialog boxes don t have taskbar buttons. But you can easily drag a dialog box around the screen by its title bar. If it were possible to do animations on paper, I d show you. But since no such technology exists, you ll just have to try it for yourself. For example, if you right-click the Start button and choose Properties, the Taskbar and Start Menu Properties dialog box will open. Put the tip of the mouse pointer on the title bar at the top of that dialog box, hold down the left mouse button, drag the dialog box to wherever you want, and then release the mouse button.
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After you ve downloaded a video file, there won t be any need to go online to view it. (That was the whole point in downloading it in the first place!) Just open the folder to which you downloaded the file and open the video file s icon. If you downloaded to a folder that s monitored by Media Player, you can also play the movie from your Media Player library.
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Playing Media files
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Cheese Wafers
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Part I
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The first type of random oracle is the random function. A random function accepts an input string of any length, and outputs a random string of fixed length, say n bits long. So the elf just has a simple list of inputs and outputs, which grows steadily as it works. (We ll ignore any effects of the size of the scroll and assume that all queries are answered in constant time.) Random functions are our model for one-way functions or cryptographic hash functions, which have many practical uses. They were first used in computer systems for one-way encryption of passwords in the 1960s and as mentioned in 2 are used today in a number of authentication systems. They are also used to compute message digests; given a message M, we can pass it through a pseudorandom function to get a digest, say h(M), which can stand in for the message in various applications. One example is a digital signature: signature algorithms tend to be slow if the message is long, so it s usually convenient to sign a message digest rather than the message itself. Another application is timestamping. If we want evidence that we possessed a given electronic document by a certain date, we might submit it to an online timestamping service. However, if the document is still secret for example an invention that we plan to patent, and for which we merely want to establish a priority date then we might not send the timestamping service the whole document, but just the message digest. The output of the hash function is known as the hash value or message digest; an input corresponding to a given hash value is its preimage; the verb to hash is used to refer to computation of the hash value. Colloquially, the hash is also used as a noun to refer to the hash value.
Restoring from a command prompt
In fact, says Blattberg, the acquisition process can be thought of as occurring in the following ve stages, which correspond to the phases a customer goes through in making a purchasing decision. Each of these stages must be managed.
n Or click the << symbol at the left side of the trail to get to higher-level places. n Or, click the Previous Locations button (the down-pointing triangle at the right side of the Address bar) or the Recent Pages button (the triangle to the right of the Forward button) to return to any recently visited folder.
On average, p M 1.73 patterns were remembered, with a standard deviation of t~ M 1.65. Lecturers will agree that this is quite promising, considering that students only spent relatively short time with the material during the lecture, only looking at a few patterns in any detail, and that the material had not been revisited by students for the final examinations yet. The vocabulary function of HCI design patterns seems to have succeeded quite well. The large standard deviation reflects the fact that several students wrote down no patterns at all, an effect that does not fit into
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