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Table 5.6 Protocol Compatibility with NAT PROTOCOLS X Windows, Activision games, TFTP, ICMP*, TLS, SSL, ssh RSVP, DNS, HTTP, RealAudio, HTML, telnet FTP, H.323 Interior routing protocols BGP, IPsec, HTML hard-coded IP, many multiplayer games, fragmented TCP, SNMP**
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Any place you can type text, you can also paste text. That boils down to this: If there s a chunk of text somewhere on your screen that you want to include in some document you re currently working on, there s no need to retype it all. Just copy the text from wherever it is and paste it into your document. Here are the steps: 1. Select the text you want to copy using any method cited earlier. 2. Copy the selected text to the Windows Clipboard, using whichever of the following methods is most convenient at the moment: Press Ctrl+C. Right-click the selected text and choose Copy. Choose Edit Copy from that program s menu bar. Figure 3-24 shows an example where I ve selected a chunk of text in a Web page, rightclicked that text, and am about to click on Copy. The program in the background is WordPad, currently showing a new, empty document. (Although it would be OK if that document already contained other text.)
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Function PrepareOutput(sStr1 As String, sStr2 As String, _ sStr3 As String) As String PrepareOutput = sStr1 & & sStr2 & & sStr3 End Function
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Toolbar Button Name Constraint Solver Rag Doll Constraint Hinge Constraint Point-Point Constraint Prismatic Constraint Car-Wheel Constraint Point-Path Constraint Description Contains all active constraints used in the scene Causes a model to act as a human figure Allows angular rotation like a hinge Links two points together; good for rope ends Used to constrain the motion of two rigid bodies to a single axis with no rotation Causes a car to move linearly as a wheel object is rotated Limits a point to move only along a path
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Managing Customer Acquisition
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