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12 Conclusion: Eternity s Sunrise (pp. 223 230)
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22 Time Management
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You can quickly go to the declarations section of a module while you re working on code in a form s module by selecting (Declarations) from the Procedure drop-down list in the code editor. Another way to move to the declarations section is to select (General) in the Object drop-down list in the code editor. (Refer to the Module window combo boxes in Figure 11.6.) The Declarations item is not available when a control, or the form, is selected in the Object drop-down list.
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When you log into a new user account and start a program, or open a document, some programs will self-configure on the first run. Sometimes the process goes smoothly; sometimes it doesn t. One of the most common problems is that the configuration procedure tries to read files from the original program CD, even though the CD isn t in the drive. Sometimes you can just click through the error messages and get to the program anyway. But really your best bet would be to close the program (if it opens) or cancel the installation (if possible) and get back to a clean desktop within the new user account. Hold down the Shift key and put the original program CD into the drive. (Holding down the Shift key while inserting a CD prevents the CD from auto-starting.) barcodepdf417
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Bruno cuts the telephone line to his rival s gallery, then hides a few hundred yards away in the bushes. He counts the number of blue uniforms that arrive, and the number that depart. If the two numbers are equal, then it s a fair guess the custodian has said, Oh bother, we ll fix it in the morning, or words to that effect. Bruno now knows he has several hours to work.
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1. Open the 33.accdb example database. 2. Open the tblCustomers table, or just highlight tblCustomers in the Navigation Pane.
48 Batch and Network Rendering
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