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Made in China supplanted the Made in Taiwan label during the 1980s. Walk into any major North American or European department store, and it is lled with clothing, shoes, and all kinds of consumer electronics. Since the early 1980s, with China s new policy of openness and reform still in its formative stages, foreign rms began using the existing infrastructure of large, state-owned manufacturers, especially in southern China in established special economic zones. China, of course, had another major advantage: a massive labor pool and tremendous cost advantages. From the early 1980s of producing clothes, toys, and basic electronics, China is now moving on to value-added services. Where previously one could only expect hardware from the China market, both government and private industry are actively supporting world-class software development facilities. Because outsourcing now encompasses a wide variety of services, for the purposes of this book we will de ne and expand our terms. At my company, I.T. UNITED, our daily course of business requires us to communicate not only in English and Chinese, but also in French, German, and occasionally Japanese and other languages. As such, we found it critically important to de ne clearly the various terms that we and our customers use so that we can communicate effectively, either internally or externally, no matter what language is being used. We certainly don t want our meaning and our business to get lost in translation! Business Process Outsourcing (BPO). The transfer of internal business processes, such as customer relationship management, nance and
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Part IV
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Based on the contents of the folder, Windows Explorer builds the items that appear on the Toolbar on the fly. If Windows Explorer has determined that the folder you re looking at doesn t require the Slide Show option and you want that option, follow these steps to enable it:
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In this chapter, we step through the process of setting up network rendering on a small network. You find out firsthand what s involved so that setting up your own network can go smoothly.
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Method 2 has fewer steps, but Method 1 is actually quicker for large quantities and gives greater control over nal consistency. Method 1 Remove the roast from the roasting pan. If you have not added mirepoix to the pan during roasting, you can do so now. Clarify the fat. Set the roasting pan over high heat and cook until all the moisture has evaporated, leaving only the fat, mirepoix, and the brown (caramelized) drippings. Pour off and save the fat. 3. 4. Deglaze the pan. Pour stock or other liquid into the roasting pan. Stir over heat until caramelized drippings are dissolved. Combine with stock and simmer. Pour the deglazing liquid, plus mirepoix, into a large pot with desired amount of stock. Simmer until mirepoix is well cooked. Skim the surface well to remove fat and scum. 5. Make a roux or, alternatively, a slurry of arrowroot or cornstarch and water. For roux, measure enough of the fat from step 2 to make the correct amount of roux for the volume of gravy. Make a blond or brown roux, as desired. For starch slurry, see page 161. 6. 7. 8. Thicken the gravy with the roux or starch slurry. Strain. Adjust seasonings. Method 2 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Remove the roast from the roasting pan. Clarify the fat. Add our to the roasting pan and make a roux. Add stock. Stir until thickened and the pan is deglazed. Strain. Skim excess fat. Adjust consistency, if necessary, with more stock or more roux. Season.
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Here are some basic things to keep in mind when typing an e-mail message (or just about anything else on a computer screen): n When typing a paragraph, don t press Enter at the end of each line. Only press Enter at the end of the paragraph. n To insert a blank line, press Enter (for example, press Enter twice at the end of a paragraph). n The blinking cursor on the screen shows where the text you type next will appear. To change text, click where you want to make your change to get the blinking cursor to that spot. Then type your new text. n To delete a few characters, click where you want to delete. Press Delete (Del) to delete characters to the right of the cursor or a blank line. Press Backspace to delete characters to the left of the cursor. n To delete a larger chunk of text, select (drag the mouse pointer through) the text you want to delete. Then press Delete (Del).
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Ingredients Flour Butter Lard Eggs Water, cold Salt
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Factoring Out Transition Postconditions
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