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In direct sequence spread spectrum, we multiply the information-bearing sequence by a much higher-rate pseudorandom sequence, usually generated by some kind of stream cipher. This spreads the spectrum by increasing the bandwidth (Figure 16.1). The technique was first described by a Swiss engineer, Gustav Guanella, in a 1938 patent application [686], and developed extensively in the United States in the 1950s. Its first deployment in anger was in Berlin in 1959. Like hopping, DSSS can give substantial jamming margin (the two systems have the same theoretical performance). But it can also make the signal significantly harder to intercept. The trick is to arrange things so that at the intercept location, the signal strength is so low that it is lost in the noise floor unless you know the spreading sequence with which to recover it. Of course, it s harder to do both at the same time, since an antijam signal should be high power and an LPI/LPPF signal low power; the 328
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4.1 The Fundamental Symbian OS Types
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5 Customizing the Max Interface and Setting Preferences
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6. Add the potatoes and simmer until done. 7. Season to taste with salt and pepper.
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Age Wave
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While the challenges are great, there is every indication that China recognizes these obstacles and is putting in place processes and programs toward building up a strong tech centered economy. The determination and openness shown by the entities at stake (i.e., governments, private sector, and public sector) are encouraging. It is still at the nascent stages of development but the signs do point to the fact that China is doing the right things to steer itself in the right direction. Conrad Chang, Research Manager for BPO, IDC Asia Paci c
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