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Auto Key mode
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When Others Criticize You
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The Group menu commands let you control how objects are grouped together. Grouping objects becomes key as you begin to move objects, because grouped objects all move together. Selecting several objects and using the Group command opens a simple dialog box where you can type a name for the group. The Ungroup command disassembles the group and is active only if a group is selected. You can nest groups one inside another. You can also open and close groups, which means that you can attach or detach objects from the group or move individual group objects within the group. The Explode command ungroups all nested group objects. The Assembly submenu includes all the same commands as the Group menu including Open, Close, Attach, Detach, and Explode, but assemblies are unique in that they can have a light source as a head object.
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Cut the bones into pieces, 3 to 4 inches (8 to 10 cm) long, as for white stock. Veal and/or beef bones are used for brown stock. Do not wash or blanch the bones. The moisture would hinder browning. Place the bones in a roasting pan in one layer and brown in a hot oven at 375 F (190 C) or higher. The bones must be well browned to color the stock suf ciently. This takes over an hour. Some chefs prefer to oil the bones lightly before browning. When the bones are well browned, remove them from the pan and place them in a stockpot. Cover with cold water and bring to a simmer. Drain and reserve the fat from the roasting pan. Deglaze the pan by adding water and stirring over heat until all the brown drippings are dissolved or loosened. Add to stockpot. While the stock is getting started, place the mirepoix in the roasting pan with some of the reserved fat and brown the vegetables well in the oven. (See alternative procedure below.) When the water in the stockpot comes to a simmer, skim and continue as for white stock. Add the browned vegetables and the tomato product to the stockpot. If desired, they may be held out until 2 to 3 hours before the end of the cooking time. Continue as for white stock. Figure 8.4 Preparing brown stock.
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Using the File Utilities
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Don t make any disaster or misfortune worse than it is. Instead of assuming the worst consequences, take a realistic look at the most likely consequences to your setback.
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AutoComplete is the feature that automatically displays items you ve typed in the past that match what you re typing right now. When AutoComplete is on and you type a question under What are you looking for during an Internet search, a drop-down list of similar text you ve typed in the past appears. If an item in the drop-down list matches what you intend to type at the moment, you can just click on that text to select it without manually typing the rest of it. When AutoComplete is turned off, there is no drop-down list of previous searches. In Change Preferences, the Turn AutoComplete on option appears only if AutoComplete is turned off. Just click on that option to enable AutoComplete. When AutoComplete is on, the option reads Turn AutoComplete off, and you can click that option to disable the feature.
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Select the statement in each of the four areas that follow that BEST matches what takes place on your team. T Trusting Relationships A. Team members are just getting to know one another and are hesitant to express themselves openly. Their relationships are polite and friendly, but a bit cautious. B. Team members are getting to know one another better, but there is not yet much sense of unity among them. Stronger individuals speak their mind and others withdraw in silence. There is little mutual understanding. C. Team members encourage and support one another more and more and have worked through many of their differences. The group is learning how to listen and communicate with one another, but is hesitant to give negative feedback. D. Team members enjoy an openness and honesty with one another that is invigorating. Differences of opinion are freely and openly discussed, even on issues that are regarded as uncomfortable, and no one takes offense or senses rejection for what they express. E Established Purpose, Values, and Goals A. The team has a growing sense of why it exists and how it will go about getting its work done. Some important goals have even been accomplished, which has brought a feeling of ful llment and accomplishment to the group. B. The team has a clear sense of direction and an intuitive feel of how to go about getting its work done. Goals are set on a regular basis and followed to completion. C. The team is just beginning to understand why it exists and how they are going to go about doing their jobs. Goals are unclear, but hopes are high for great things to come. D. The team often forgets why it exists and someone has to keep reminding them. Team members disagree about how things should be done and pursue goals that move the group in opposite directions.
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A Realist s View of the Small Business Landscape
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