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Functionality Provided With Easy cost planning and execution
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Ingredients Sole llets: 50 llets, 2 oz (60 g) each Butter Shallots, ne dice White wine Fish stock
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Three years ago a multinational marketer, concerned about declining sales of its agship brand, the leading brand in its category for decades, decided to develop and launch a major turnaround campaign.They invited us to help by undertaking a large-scale marketing strategy project, which within ve months revealed insights into new and very pro table market targets and a bold and powerful positioning.At this point they asked their advertising agency to create a number of rough commercials that would execute the strategy in different ways. For reasons we ll explain later, the agency came back with only two ideas, which were tested and found wanting. Both were very entertaining, but neither communicated a clear message about the brand or why it was superior to competitors. Not surprisingly, the purchase interest needle, a measure we use to forecast sales, did not move. We reported our nding to the client and agency and expressed our belief that, while the executions might win a Clio Award for advertising creativity, they were unlikely to win a David Ogilvy Award for advertising effectiveness.They were too ethereal, too image oriented and their connections to the recommended targeting and positioning strategies were remote at best. To be frank, we couldn t gure out what they were trying to say. The client, like many, was in a rush to launch the campaign, to put something on the air. He picked one of the two commercials, executed it in nished form, produced a pool-out, and ran the campaign, spending $32 million on television over the next six months. A year after we had tested the commercials, the client invited us back to his marketing war room to hear a presentation by a well-known advertising tracking company.The client had commissioned the rm to measure the campaign s performance over a six-month period. Both the client and the agency executives were surprised at the tracking report results, and even we were taken aback. Consumer awareness of the company s positioning message after the $32 million investment was not 50 percent, not 5 percent, not even 0.5 percent. It was 0 percent.There was simply no awareness.The tracking rm found no one, not a single person, able to recall anything about the client s brand that re ected the advertising s positioning/message strategy.43
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For questions concerning this case study contact: Name: Ouyang Jiezi E-mail: Phone: 86 (21) 3889 8102 Overview Client: HP Internal Client Industry: System Administration Software Service Line: Offshore software R&D Project Description: Offshore software R&D, provides R&D delivery with core development, current product engineering, testing, etc. Technology / Platform:
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3.2.2 The Pattern Framework in the Lifecyle The following paragraphs explain how the three pattern languages of HCI, software engineering, and application domain can be incorporated into the above model of a usability engineering lifecycle.
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5. From Watson Jr. and Petre, Father, Son & Co., p. 54; Policy Review no. 106, Hoover Institution; Walther Kiaulehn, Berlin: Destiny of a World City, 1958. 6. The New York Times, June 29, 30, July 1, 1937. 7. A copy of Shacht s speech resides in the IBM Archives. 8. In a January 31, 1938, address to IBM stockholders, Watson refers to visiting thirteen countries last year. He would have visited them all in one trip. He began in London, traveled to Berlin, then on to the 11 other nations. 9. Ford and GM Scrutinized for Alleged Nazi Collaboration, The Washington Post, November 30, 1998. 10. Watson to Schacht, August 18, 1937. IBM Archives. 11. Letter from J. C. Milner in Geneva, Switzerland, August 4, 1938, addressed to J. T. Wilson, manager of IBM s foreign division in New York and copied to Phillips. 12. A series of 1934 letters from Heidinger to IBM, deposited at the Elmer Holmes Bobst Library at New York University, New York. 13. IBM lawyer Harrison K. Chauncey to J. C. Milner of IBM Geneva, July 14, 1938. Bobst Library, NYU. 14. Unsigned IBM internal memo of March 10, 1941, and other documents around that time, held at the Bobst Library, NYU. 15. December 2, 1941, Phillips to Hull. Bobst Library, NYU. 16. Milner in Geneva to Wilson in New York, August 4, 1938. 17. Watson to May, April 8, 1938. IBM Archives. 18. May to Watson, November 28, 1938. IBM Archives. 19. Watson to May, December 9, 1938. IBM Archives. 20. Watson to Hitler, November 25, 1938. 21. Memos and letters from this period in the Bobst Library, NYU. 22. Zerwick to Watson, June 4, 1940. IBM Archives. 23. Cohen to Watson, April 26, 1940. IBM Archives. 24. Quoted letters and telegrams from the IBM Archives. 25. Chudnow to Watson, June 17, 1940. IBM Archives.
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Installing and Removing Programs
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F. Privileged communications and confidentiality
FES Method
18. Colander. A large perforated bowl made of stainless steel or aluminum.Used to drain washed or cooked vegetables, salad greens, pasta, and other foods. 19. Food mill. A tool with a hand-turned blade that forces foods through a perforated disk. Interchangeable disks produce different coarseness or fineness. Used for pur eing foods.
any real stability in marriage. Marriage is like everything else: it is made up of constantly changing organisms that expand, contract, move, grow, and die. These changing organisms, when combined into a relationship, are responsible for the shape and makeup of the marriage. People change, therefore relationships between people must change. That is just life at its most basic level. Things change. It is natural. Do not think I have a bad view of marriage. I do not. I am only being realistic. People grow. Sometimes people grow at different rates and in different directions, and they end up growing apart. There are other times when people just lose interest in doing the work to maintain a good relationship. There are also times where people become interested in someone else. This is just reality. The key is to understand that every situation, including marriage, is temporary. You may be saying, Not my marriage. Well, then you are naive. The only way to have a happy marriage is to have one that is happy moment by moment. You can plan to be happy 10 or 20 years from now with your current relationship, but you may end up severely disappointed. The best relationships and marriages renew themselves constantly. They do not focus too much on the future. They do not put much stock in the past. Instead, they focus on the now. They put their energy into enjoying every second of what they have at that moment. Is all of this blasphemous to the marriage vows I hope so. The marriage vows need to be blasphemed. They are based in the ancient laws of ownership, when women were no better than chattel, except they could bear the children and cook the food. Marriage is a social contract that imposes fear, guilt, obligation, and compromises individuality. Fear and love cannot exist at the same time. Guilt serves no purpose but to destroy. Obligation breeds resentment. Compromised individuality is the loss of self.
18.2.2 Attacks Using Internet Protocols and Mechanisms
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