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The exact transient state probability vector n(t) is compared to the approximate state probability vector m (t) at time instants t = 10,100 and 1000 in Table 5.2, with the parameter set from Table 5.1. (Note that the initial probability vectors are chosen as has been specified earlier.) The results of the approximate method are generally very close to the exact values for most states. Usually, the accuracy depends on the length of the investigated time horizon for a transient analysis. Short-term results are particularly dependent on the initial probability vector so that some more significant differences can arise as in the case of state (2,O) in our example, where the absolute state probabilities are rather small, and hence the percentage difference is high. Furthermore, whether the error is positive or negative may change over time.
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1. Highlight the text that you want to make a bookmark. 2. In the Link group on Word s Insert ribbon, select the Bookmark command. 3. Enter the bookmark name. 4. Click Add.
Equation (6.125) is exact for M/,&I/l and M/G/l systems. It is also exact for M/M/m systems if the mean service time of all classes are the same. For other systems, Eq. (6.125) is a good approximation. From Fig. 6.15 it can be seen that even for heavy utilization the mean queue length for the highest priority class is negligible in the case of preemption, at the expense of poorer service for lower-priority classes.
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