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When you enter your client's world, expect the jargon to fly. Every organization uses its own shorthand, and most people are not totally conscious of it. Don't take anything for granted. If a term or acronym is unfamiliar, ask for a translation. And be careful with your own use of jargon. When both the buyer and the seller are using their own jargon, misunderstandings are sure to result.
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assumptions. If there is one set of asset allocations that seems optimal, what changes in assumptions will make the portfolio suboptimal What other asset allocations are just about as good but not as sensitive to changes in assumptions This is all very technical. As a committee member, what is my role in this Ef cient Frontier process As committee members, we want to be sure our adviser is using an Ef cient Frontier model. We can ask questions about how he arrived at his assumptions and why he set constraint levels where he did. We can ask what alternative sets of assumptions he used and what alternative asset allocations seemed about as good as others under his different assumptions. Use of Ef cient Frontier models entails a lot of effort. Many investment funds decide their Policy Asset Allocations without going through the Ef cient Frontier exercise. But their asset allocations imply certain assumptions for the return, volatility, and correlation of each asset class, and the committee hasn t identi ed what those assumptions are.
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Assets Assignment Bond Capital gain Commodity Dividend Exchange-traded fund (ETF) Exercise Futures Hedgers Historic volatility Implied volatility Liability Liquidity Option premium Payable date Speculator Stock Strike price
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19: Advanced Access Form Techniques
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2. Marcus Philosophy as Seen from the Outside World
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The System Information dialog box (shown in Figure 27.1), which you open from the Access 2010 Options menu, contains useful information, including information about the operating system and the computer s hardware. The code in basAPIFunctions uses Windows API calls to populate the API Demo form (frmAPIDemo) included in the 27.accdb example database (see Figure 27.2).
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While the Seventh-Day Adventists are not lineal descendants of the Fifth Monarchists, they emerged out of a similar Protestant milieu, though two centuries later and on the other side of the Atlantic, in which interpretation of the Bible was central to eschatological expectations. Western New York State in the nineteenth century was home to a variety of religious movements. It was there that Joseph Smith claimed to have discovered the gold tablets of the Book of Mormon in the late 1820s. There were a number of Shaker farms in the area, and in the middle of the
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