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Caution There is no Undo in the Registry Editor. All the more reason to be very careful while make changes.
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To Guide or Not To Guide: That Is the Question
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Mathematical operators Comparison operators String operators Boolean (logical) operators Miscellaneous operators
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Waldorf Salad
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Figure 6-11: The Taskbar tab of the Taskbar and Start Menu Properties dialog box
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The Problem with Backups
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Small business is the engine of economic growth in the United States. Vice President Al Gore, 2000 On a daily basis, small businesses demonstrate they are the economic engine that drives our economy. When big businesses are struggling and laying off workers, new small businesses have started up while established small firms have grown. Senator Olympia J. Snowe, 2003 Small business is the engine that drives our nation s economy, representing 97 percent of all businesses and responsible for 75 percent of new jobs created in the U.S. Representative Jim Moran, 2004 Seventy percent of new jobs are created by small business owners. President George W. Bush, 2004 [Small business] is the engine that drives our economy and provides most of the nation s job opportunities. Senator Kit Bond, 1997 Small businesses provide some 70 to 80 percent of jobs in America. Senator Arlen Specter, 2004 The small business community is the major generator of jobs in America, has been for the last 12 years. President Bill Clinton, 1993
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If you upgrade from an earlier version of Windows, you may discover that some of the programs that used to start automatically on your computer don t do so after you ve installed Windows XP. You can follow these steps to get those programs to start automatically again in the future:
2 Direct Activity Allocation
Steamers and small tilting trunnion kettles behind the service line are the most useful kinds of equipment for vegetable batch cooking. Divide each vegetable into batches small enough to be served within 20 to 30 minutes. Arrange in steamer pans ready to be placed in steamers or in containers ready for pouring into the kettles. Keep the prepped vegetables in the cooler until needed. Cook batches as needed. In planning, allow time for loading and unloading the equipment, for cooking, for nishing the product with the desired seasoning, sauce, or garnish, and for carrying to the serving line. Undercook slightly if the vegetable must be held before serving. Have all your seasonings, sauces, and garnishes ready for nishing the dish. Do not mix batches. They will be cooked to different degrees, and colors and textures usually will not match.
This section describes how to link tables to your Access application in code, instead of using the Access menus. It would be nice if you could just make the link once at development time and be done with the whole process. Occasionally, however, you might want to attach tables on the fly, to avoid losing a link. Testing your links whenever your application starts is a good practice that way, you can keep users from facing any crashes or error messages. You ll find some examples of these routines in this section.
Part III
Starting with VBA Code Basics
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