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Types of Production Strategies Supported
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The impetus for interest in opportunistic brief interventions against excessive drinking comes partly from a trial reported in 1979 of brief advice on smoking cessation by general medical practitioners (GPs). This showed that, if brief advice were routinely implemented by GPs throughout the UK, the gains to public health would be enormous. A similar logic underpinned a series of trials of alcohol opportunistic brief intervention in primary health care and has also been applied to other generalist settings, such as general hospital wards, accident and emergency departments, social services, educational institutions, criminal justice settings and the workplace. A number of reviews and meta-analyses of opportunistic brief intervention have reached positive conclusions but several important research and practical issues remain to be addressed. In particular, efforts to achieve widespread implementation of opportunistic brief interventions by the medical and nursing professions have so far been largely unsuccessful, but research on this implementation process is proceeding. It is argued in this chapter that, especially given the reluctance by governments to introduce preventive control measures against excessive drinking, the widespread, routine and enduring implementation of opportunistic brief intervention by the medical and other professions represents the best chance of achieving a signi cant reduction in alcohol-related harm among the population at large.
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The subnet mask is used in conjunction with the IP address to identify different networks within the entire domain of every network in the world. If you do have to change this, be sure to change it in the 3dsnet.ini file that each rendering server creates (see Configuring the Network Manager and Servers later in this chapter). 8. Now select the Obtain DNS server address automatically option unless you know the IP address of your network s DNS server. This setting allows you to configure the TCP/IP protocol to check your local DNS when looking up addresses. 9. Click OK in the TCP/IP Properties dialog box to close it, and then click Close on the Local Area Connection Properties dialog box to close it. Windows needs to be shut down and restarted in order for the changes to take effect. This computer now has the proper network setup for your rendering farm. Remember to repeat these instructions for every computer that you want to use in your rendering farm. Each computer must be properly connected to the network and have TCP/IP installed and configured. This may seem like lots of work, but fortunately it s a one-time investment.
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The command and control of nuclear weapons, and subsidiary activities from protecting the integrity of the national command system through physical security of nuclear facilities to monitoring international arms control treaties has made a disproportionate contribution to the development of security technology. The quite rational decision that the relevant assets had to be protected almost regardless of the cost drove the development of a lot of mathematics and science that has found application elsewhere. The particular examples given in this chapter are authen240
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1. Taken from Watson s copy of the form. It s not dated, but is probably from 1931 or 1932. 2. Flint to Phillips, October 20, 1925. IBM Archives. 3. Watson memo, June 30, 1920. IBM Archives. 4. Notes from an engineering and development meeting, IBM boardroom, September 22, 1925. IBM Archives. 5. Bryce to Watson, September 2, 1924. IBM Archives. 6. Lab report dated June 30, 1928. IBM Archives. 7. L. Fles & Co., an Amsterdam-based agent for IBM, to Tabulating Machine Company, September 15, 1924. IBM Archives. 8. Braitmayer to Lake, October 22, 1927. IBM Archives. 9. My cousin, Beth Sullivan, and her husband, Eric, collect and sell old Binghamton-area postcards and similar artifacts. Thanks to them, I had a pile of period Endicott-Johnson postcards for
Figure 14-32: Mirroring a shape is as simple as selecting a direction and clicking the Mirror button.
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