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To start a meeting, open Windows Meeting Space using either method described in the previous section. Click Start a new meeting to see the options shown in Figure 55.3. FIGURE 55.3
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Part I: Access Building Blocks
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Table 10.33 Throughput A, and mean number of jobs Ei for different methods compared with the DES results
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Then the reorganized routing matrix P has the form:
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Adding tab groups to Favorites
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enough to brag about it to others
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The first page of the Save Movie Wizard asks where you want to store your finished movie. After you choose one of the options summarized in the following list and click Next, the wizard will take you through the process of saving the movie to the location you specified: Recordable CD: If you have a CD burner on your computer, put a blank CD into the drive and choose this option to burn the movie straight to a CD. The resulting CD will be in HighMAT format, which can be played by anyone with Windows XP and Windows Media Player 10, as well as any other device that supports HighMAT CDs. E-mail: If you have a standard POP3 mail account, choosing this option will create the movie and attach it to a blank e-mail message that you can address to whomever you want. Note, however, that the movie cannot exceed the maximize attachment size allowed by your, or the recipient s, ISP.
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3: Designing Bulletproof Databases
::Connectable Element
What s New in Windows Vista
Like everything else computerish, networking has its own set of buzzwords. All the buzzwords you learned in earlier chapters still apply. But there are some new words to learn, as defined here: n Resource: Anything useful, including a folder, a printer, or other device. n Shared: A resource accessible to all users on a computer and to all computers within a network. A shared folder is often referred to as a share or network share. Local computer: The computer at which you re currently sitting. n n Local resource: A folder, printer, or other useful thing on the local computer or directly connected to the local computer by a cable. For example, if there s a printer connected to your computer by a cable, it s a local resource (or more specifically, a local printer). n Remote computer: Any computer in the network other than the one at which you re currently sitting. n Remote resource: A folder, printer, or other useful thing on some computer other than the local computer. For example, a printer connected to someone else s computer on the network is a remote resource (or more specifically, a remote printer). Figure 53.1 shows an example of how the terms local and remote are always used in reference to the computer at which you re currently sitting. FIGURE 53.1
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