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The purpose of this book is not to make anyone an investment expert that s not necessary, or even realistic. The purpose is to help us understand information presented at committee meetings, to ask meaningful and productive questions, to evaluate the responses we receive, and to vote on recommendations knowledgeably.
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Customer Knowledge
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The Tools toolbar is available in the Curve Editor and includes buttons to add some additional tracks such as the Notes and Visibility. Table 34-6 describes these buttons.
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The FilterKeys option disables autotyping (repeated typing of the character) when a key is held down too long or when multiple rapid keystrokes occur. This is to aid those with muscular impairments that cause slow or uneven typing. If you choose FilterKeys, you can fine-tune its behavior by clicking its Settings buttons and choosing options as follows: Use shortcut: When this is selected, you can activate or deactivate FilterKeys by holding down the Shift key for five seconds. Ignore repeated keystrokes: If selected, this ensures that repeat keystrokes are ignored. The Settings button for this option lets you define and test the threshold beyond which key presses are assumed to be intentional rather than caused by involuntary muscular movements of the hands. Ignore quick keystrokes and slow down the repeat rate: If selected, this instructs Windows to ignore brief keystrokes, such as those that might be caused by involuntary muscular movement. The Settings button allows you to define specific time thresholds for voluntary and involuntary keystrokes. Click and type here to test FilterKey settings: Click within the textbox and hold down keys to test the settings you chose for the Ignore quick keystrokes option. Beep when keys pressed or accepted: If selected, provides auditory feedback whenever a keystroke is typed and accepted by the computer. Show FilterKeys status on screen: If selected, this shows a Notification area icon whenever the FilterKeys option is active.
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There are a number of reasons to consider technical mechanisms that support copyright and privacy in a single book chapter. At the political level, there is the conflict alluded to by Barlow in the above quotation. The control of information has been near the center of government concerns since before William Tyndale (one of the founders of the Cambridge University Press) was burned at the stake for printing the Bible in English. The sensitivity continued through the eighteenth-century battles over press censorship, to the more recent doctrine that warfare is about controlling the information space of one s own nation and its competitors. In the last few generations, the great wealth accruing to the owners of literary, film, and music copyright has created another powerful interest in control. At a system level, both copyright and censorship are access control issues, concerned with limiting access to some information to people in a particular group. In the 413
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