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Wrap Up
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Box 10.7 Strategic planning stages: Setting objectives Strategic planning stages 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Preparation for strategic planning Undertake a business review Undertake customer/market research Set corporate objectives Evaluate options and set corporate strategy Calculate forecasts Review and revise objectives and strategy Produce operational action plans, budgets and set goals Set performance indicators Agree monitoring and review procedures You are here
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n Lock the taskbar: If you select this option, you ll lock the taskbar, which will prevent you from accidentally moving or resizing it. If you want to move or resize the taskbar, you first need to clear this option to unlock the taskbar. n Auto-hide the taskbar: If you select this icon, the taskbar will automatically slide out of view when you re not using it, to free up the little bit of screen space it takes up. After the taskbar hides itself, you can rest the tip of the mouse button on the thin line at the bottom of the screen to bring the taskbar out of hiding. n Keep the taskbar on top of other windows: Selecting this option ensures that the taskbar is always visible and can t be covered up by open program windows. To ensure that the taskbar is always visible, select (check) this option, and clear the Auto-hide the taskbar checkbox. n Group similar taskbar buttons: Choosing this option allows the taskbar to combine multiple open documents or pages for a program into a single taskbar button. Taskbar buttons that represent multiple documents will display a number next to the program name on the button. You can open any document by clicking the taskbar button and clicking a document name. To close all open documents or pages in one fell swoop, right-click the button and choose Close Group. n Show Quick Launch: Select this option to make the Quick Launch toolbar visible on the taskbar. Clear this option to hide the Quick Launch toolbar. (More on the Quick Launch toolbar later.) n Show window previews (thumbnails): Choose this option to make mini-versions of open program windows available from taskbar buttons. To see the mini-version of any open program window, point to its taskbar button, as in the example shown in Figure 11.38.
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For all cl = 1, . . . , CL and i = 1, . . . , N, compute the number of
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6.3 The Stability Impact of Digital Controls
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Effect of Losing Two Customers on Revenues and Pro ts
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Quantity Structure 1 addresses the traditional flow of ABC, which is
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Part V
prevent the thumbnails from taking up any space in memory and to keep thumbnails current at all times.
Figure 14-8: The Star primitive can be changed to create some amazing shapes.
Part III Modeling
Before we get into Windows Media Player, there are a few things you need to know up front about music and video. In particular, you want to get your sound working and under control, so you can listen to whatever you like, without blasting your eardrums out!
As analysts roll out coverage, managing expectations will be increasingly important. Obviously, we want analyst estimates to remain within what management feels is achievable. Velocity Inc. will pull interest from analysts in the gaming sector as well as in the payments industry. Because of the cross characterization of the stock, it is important that the sell-side fully understands the business. We suggest conducting sales force teach-ins when new coverage is available so that the an-
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